1000 Dollar Secret Review Proves its a SCAM! AVOID

1000 Dollar Secret Review exposes the Truth about the 1000 Dollar Secret

1000 Dollar Secret is a mere scam, orchestrated to lure you into putting your money on the line for these fraudulent scammers. You can tell this right from the start of the presentation video, which features false testimonials of people telling you how they have made it big with the system, ways that are too easy to be questionable. Then comes this voice over acting, which is not only telling you of how you can earn money with an unrealistic ease, its format is also meant to disguise the perpetrators of this scam. Before throwing your money away, you need to go through the review below, which is going to expose their scandalous tricks to get the best of you.

CEO: Anonymous
Official Site: 1000dollarsecret.com/vip/

Results from 1000 Dollar Secret Review

In 1000 Dollar Secret review, we are going to expose the truth behind this system, which is seemingly ambiguous in operation, making it hard to discern whether it is an Auto Trader or a Signal Provider.


What is apparently fishy about 1000 Dollar Secret is how it is built, and more obviously on the testimonial issue. The website comprises of an email subscription form, a YouTube video and a disgusting pop up that won’t let you watch the presentation.

The narrator in this presentation promises you financial independence from the use of this software;even the scam name itself implies that you will get rich quickly, but how is this possible if you are not shown how the software works? The other thing that should scare you off here is the precision at which the presenter promises you to have in predicting price actions, even experienced traders will tell you this is not as easy as explained herein.



The profits depicted here are also not as realistic as they would be in a legitimate trading option. He starts by challenging you to make $921.21 dollars in a day, and $256, 288.88 in less than a month. This doesn’t make much sense, even if it is all about striking a miraculous fortune.

Another red signal that should catch your eye is the social media accounts of the testimonials’. These are merely stock images, since they do not offer any link to the real account of the people they represent. If these cannot redirect you to the real social media profile of the person, it is no doubt they are just part of the deceptive content the entire scam is made of.

Who is the CEO?

The name of the person acting as 1000 Dollar Secret CEO is not mentioned anywhere, he is, however, seemingly a Fiverr actor who does fake testimonials for $5, which could be the reason he does not mention his name in this presentation, which adds to the suspicious nature of the presentation and the whole system alike.

First, making $921.21 in a single day sounds unrealistic, whether in binary trading or any other means. The amount in the fake testimonials provided in which the said traders claim to have made up to $ 918.88 in about half an hour and another $686.44 in a single trade are questionable. The hilarious thing here is that these are fake testimonials by paid people, and cooked up social media accounts of people who are not in trading.

What’s more, the pop up in the scam’s presentation points out that 1000 Dollar Secret achieved awards in 2014, which is not convincing at all, since the application could be popular by now, if back in 2014 they were that influential to win awards. Besides, the scammer talks of the many people they have helped become millionaires in some countries, which also doesn’t hold water, as the testimonials they have cannot stand to prove this case.

Is 1000 Dollar Secret a Scam?

Definitely yes, 1000 Dollar Secret is a scheme meant to fraud you money. All the details they are giving in their presentation are mere lies, which disqualify their promises to change your life by giving you financial independence. There are benefits that come with trading, but there are also downsides to it. This scam is one of the unfortunate scandalous schemers out there who are aiming at snatching your hard-earned money just like The Orion Code which I reviewed a few days ago.

Conclusion from 1000 Dollar Secret Review

From the inclusive review above, we have unearthed the reality that 1000 Dollar Secret is a scheme formulated to benefit the fraudsters who run it. The sad part is that they are on hot pursuit of your money. If you want to get into trading, well, trying a legit system will be better;you need to avoid, for the safety of your money, keep off this system.

Verdict: 1000 Dollar Secret is a scam that will steal your money if you let them

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