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The 1K Daily Profits software is one of the latest binary options trading software that is promising a guaranteed $1,000 USD per day. This means that if you invest your money in the system you can earn up to $30,000 per month, which translates to $365,000 annually. The system is presented by “John Becker” and operates through 1KDailyProfit.com. But before you decide to put your money in this binary trading system, it is very important to ask yourself whether this is legit software or another scam disguised as 1K Daily Profits opportunity. In this review, I sought to critically evaluate whether this signaling application can actually do what it is claiming to offer.

Official Site: 1KDailyProfits.com
CEO: John Becker

First Impressions from My 1K Daily Profits Review

I first visited the 1K Daily Profits website in order to have a basic picture of the nature of this “promising” binary options trading software. My first impression of the website was not pleasing at all because the website resembles most binary trading scam sites out there. The site contains numerous pop ups that I guess are designed to attract your attention and entice you to sign up for a membership immediately. After reading the site content and watching the video on the site, I got the picture that the system is a complete abuse of what the binary options trade is all about. I discovered many things about the system that raised numerous red flags.

What 1K Daily Profits Promises

When I took a closer look at what the service is promising investors who want to join the binary options trade, I was more convinced that the 1K Daily Profits system is another bogus scam. There are many claims and promises that do not make sense. I noticed several obvious contradictions when I took a closer look at the images shown on the site. The trade displayed doesn’t make any sense, particularly the first trade, as it shows a future expiry date, but the date was actually closed and even won. Additionally, the total trades shown on the second screen do not even tally with the total number of trades displayed in the trading app. According to my experience, these are the first signs that the 1K Daily Profits is a scam.

Video exposing the 1k Daily Profits Scam

 My Findings that Show the 1K Daily Profits is a Scam

Having already gotten some initial signs that the 1K Daily Profits is a scam, I sought to dig out more evidence on this bogus system. First of all, the identity of the people featured in the software is false. I actually discovered that the identities of those people are stolen from different sites, an indication that the people do not even exist. Even the guy who claims to be the founder of the system, John Becker, does not exist. In fact, the main guy is a shutterstock.com image if you perform an image search.

1k Daily Profits

The fact that the service can use fake identities is reason enough to doubt the legitimacy of this software. Additionally, the trading software also used fake individuals to prove its earnings record or ability. In fact, I searched for the identity of two of the alleged testers and found that they were all taken from Fiverr.

The other evidence that shows the 1K Daily Profit is a scam is the fact that the software does not discuss, disclose or explain how it generates the alleged winning signals that it sends to its members. It simply claims that it has discovered certain loopholes in financial markets and that the software will just hack it to reveal the codes. From what I know, this is misleading and false information that simply demonstrates that the creators of the service don’t understand anything to do with the financial markets.

 Conclusion on the 1K Daily Profits Scam

My overall conclusion is that the 1K Daily Profits is a scam that you should avoid at all costs. The service has used fake identities to present false information on how the application works, including the alleged founder of the service. Additionally, the application does not clearly disclose the strategies that the system depends on to discover the winning trades. The way it appears, the developer of this system does not have a clue about how the financial markets world operates.

Verdict: If you think the 1K Daily Profits is a legit, profitable service, you are wrong.. it is a scam you should avoid

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