24 Algo Trader Review Exposes the Algo SCAM!

24 AlgoTrader review exposes the truth about the 24 AlgoTrader Scam

24 AlgoTrader software is a binary option trading method recently introduced in the trading industry. The narrator in the video gives detailed lies about how the software can work for you and make more than you can ever imagine in a very little time. Well, he is just an endorser hired by the cyber criminals behind the scenes. He is lying about the application for he is paid to do so. In our detailed review we are going to expose these lies one after the other. Stay with us as we elaborately give you all the reasons to term 24 AlgoTrader a scam.

CEO: No name
Official Site: tradersbot.com

Results from 24 AlgoTrader Review

24 AlgoTrader Software System is a scheme like any other made to make money for cyber criminals. The criminals are passing vague information concerning the software and its ability to make you rich. All these are lies meant to convince you to throw away your money. Don’t listen to any of their lies or respond to their spam emails.

The narrator in the video presentation literally gives skeleton information regarding the system. He says that the system is sophisticated and efficient. This is not enough. He doesn’t explain how it works and how it brings about the thousands of dollars as profits. All he says, repeatedly, is that 24 AlgoTrader Software is the newest autotrading robot based on the latest technologies coming from the greatest analytical minds from the field of economics and finance. How could this even be true when he says nothing about the latest technologies they are using or mention the names of these talented fellas in economics and finance.

In addition, these claimed latest technologies and talented fellas in economics and finance would have caught the attention of international media outlets like CNN and BBC. However they are nowhere to be seen or heard in their records.

The website of this scam application does not contain any relevant information. Only fakes that don’t make any sense. They talk about trading, brokers and experts but don’t give any specifics about the brokers they are working with or the experts they are involved with. This makes them fishy and unbelievable. Stay away from these liars for the safety of your hard earned money.

The video is full of mysteries. We are left with so much to wonder about. To start, no names have been mentioned, only voice overs from hired actors. This is an obvious approach of scammers. They hide their details to avoid being traced. Therefore, we cannot trust people whose identity is unknown. Keep your money, never deposit even a single cent with these unidentified people or they will vanish with your money.

24 Algo Trader Review

Everything about this suspicious application is disgraceful. We have no idea who the owner is. Which company owns the application? This is enough to term this system a scam and not consider anything from them. How can you invest in a company with no owners? These people are just ridiculous, they are not giving us the name of the proprietors and still want us to deposit with them? No way.

The narrator in the video claims that 24AlgoTrader Software is the most successful binary option trading application and only wins. He goes on by explain that it thoroughly analyses the market situation, if it finds that it will lose it doesn’t invest your money in the trade. He is trying to say that you are guaranteed a win or a draw, no losing. There is no thing as 100% winning in binary trading option. This is bogus and misleading information. Experts in the field differ with this scammer. Anything can happen in the market, you can either win or lose not just win, repeatedly.

24 Algo Trader Scam

We find that there are faked results in their website. These are just numbers fixed to make the application seem result oriented. Don’t believe these numbers they are just cooked to impress you and make you deposit with this scam. Stay away and be safe.

The website of this bogus application is full of fake testimonials. Images have been downloaded from Stock.com and manipulated to look like the people on the images are endorsing the application. These people have no idea about being testimonials of this scam. It is unethical and a crime for a company to use other peoples images without their consent for their benefit. This application can’t be legit in any way if it is faking testimonials.

24 Algo Trader Testimonials

Who is the CEO??

There is no CEO for this system neither is there any specific individual or company mentioned. Just a hired voice narrator who never introduced himself. No company can survive the market without proprietors. Be aware of this fake company with no CEO.

Conclusion from 24 AlgoTrader

We have no other choice but to blacklist this application. From our detailed search we have found that everything pertaining this software is either a fake or doesn’t exist. Cooked numbers and Photoshoped testimonials is enough proof.

Verdict: 24 AlgoTrader is a scam so your best to avoid this one. If you are looking to join something then check out my Trusted System List where I have all my results documented.

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