7 Figure Challenge Review

Another quick review and this one is on the 7 Figure Challenge. Martin Taylor tells us “You’re about to make $1,000,000 in the next 27 days. Guaranteed.” That should be a huge red flag for anyone. In reality who is going to give away a system for free that can generate $1m in 27 days.

My video review on 7 Figure Challenge


Fiverr Actors in this scam

7 Figure Challenge Fiverr Actor

7 Figure Challenge Fiverr Actor 2

Both of the paid actors above are both seen in the 7 Figure Challenge sales video claiming that they have made $1m with this scam but yet they are still selling gigs on fiverr for $5.. Maybe I’ll hire them to say 7 Figure Challenge is a Scam

7 Figure Challenge Crazy Promise


Hopefully the images and video above are enough to show you that 7 Figure Challenge is just another scam that you need to avoid.


Verdict: 7 Figure Challenge is a Scam

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