97 Partners Review Exposing the full lousy SCAM!

Scam alert!! Today my 97 Partners Review exposes the full lousy scam by Simon C

In today`s review, you`ll quickly learn that 97 partners, a new and viral trading system is yet another over cooked turkey smelling of nothing but scam. Through an anonymous presentation, the alleged owner claims that you can generate over $4k daily and that there are no upfront deposits, you only have to pay a 3 percent fee on your earnings. Sounds cool don’t think? Keep reading to find out the real truth.

CEO / Spokesperson / Actor: Simon C
Official Website:

What the whole cartoon narrative is trying to do is to take advantage of vulnerable people encouraging them to empty their retirement savings, max out their credit cards, destroy their financial nests all while making promises he knows are false from the start. This is one piece of evidence that the whole presentation is a fraud. The intention is to scam you the way the cyber criminals behind this service have scammed 1000s of other people. In this 97 partners scam review I will be exposing outright lies, misleading claims and promises found on the presentation that are aimed at persuading people to deposit their hard earned cash. Be aware that any money deposited with this service will be depleted very fast and there will be no one to help you!!

97 Partners Review

Scam Proof from my 97 Partners Review

Let’s start with the so called beta testers. Unfortunately all those people speaking about their success with this autotrading  software are all actors and cheaply paid to lie on camera. One of the guys, whose image is shown below, is already a known and notorious Fiverr actor who is regularly hired by scammers. This guy will do or say anything you want as long as you pay him $5. Maybe I’ll hire him to say 97 Partners is a scam :)

97 Partners Review

My investigation also discovered that all the results from beta testers were just figures conjured up from think air. Otherwise how were they able to make so much money on such a short notice considering the domain of 97 partners was only registered a few days ago?Claims that 97 Partners can make you $9,500 daily guaranteed are BS which contradicts his earlier claim of making at least $4 k daily. I highly doubt that 97partners can generate anything close to that. I have been trading with some of the top end binary signals software but even on a good day these systems don’t generate anything close to that. The truth is, the financial markets which forex and binary are based on are volatile and any system or person can have a losing day or even week.

Although the home page of 97 partners’ looks impressive its inside is still a mystery throughout the whole presentation we are not shown how this app works or how it will make you money. Similarly I found the cartooned presentation as being very high unprofessional and we get to learn about the CEO and founder through one of the testimonials something that I also found to be very odd. On top of that how does Simon, the alleged owner expect us to trust his software when there is very little information about him and his system. To me everything smells very fishy. Yes they promise that users will be receiving 97% of the profits but in reality there will be no profits and you will just lose your deposit.

In addition I have also conducted some research to see what other people are saying about 97 partners scam but I could only locate positive reviews on some shady blogs which is a sign that some people have already sold their souls to promote this rip off. Likewise, it also means that 97 partners is very new but will not escape my radar

Conclusion from my 97 Partners Review

Lame presentation, false credentials, fake identities and misleading and unrealistic promises. The odds of the 97 partners Scam not being a scam are close to zero. Investing in such unreliable binary trading software will only bring ruins to your life. I know binary trading can be very lucrative but you should always be very careful with systems like these. Expert traders always advise that you seek a second opinion before you sign up with a binary trading service and my trusted list of services is always a good place to consult

Verdict: 97 partners by Simon C is a big scam you need to avoid

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