98% Success Review is a Notorious Scam

Today’s post is a full 98% Success review where I will expose them for the scam they are. Presented and founded by one Henry D Souza, 98 Success trading app is yet another binary trading software promising to double your money overnight but don’t be fooled. Be aware day traders have already reported heavy losses and high degree of dishonesty as this fraudulent app is continuously failing to honor their guaranteed results. Other people have reported that their accounts are being depleted of funds upon making deposits. In this review I have taken my time to investigate 98 Success software and their presentation and discovered glaring irregularities and misleading statements and facts which you will find below

Website: 98Success.co
Founder/ Ceo: Henry D Souza

My proof that 98 Success is a scam

To proof that this binary app which was apparently developed by one Henry D`Souza is a scam offer, allow me to uncover some features to confirm so. Let me begin with the name of this app; 98% success. In truth the win rate is 98.4%.Yup. Thats right!!! The claim by the founder that he has discovered bugs that penetrate trading exchanges to deliver guaranteed profits is hogwash.

Unfortunately in the binary trading arena this kind of success rate has never been attained not even with the most advanced and sophisticated binary trading app. Even expert traders who use most of their time mastering fundamental and technical factors that sway the markets, who examine graphs and charts and have many years of experience can’t achieve such a high success rate steadily.

Anybody visiting the official page of success 98 will instantly be drawn to various logos from reputable firms and TV networks such as News Today, BBC, CNN and Wikipedia. This was deliberately done to imply that Success98 trading software was recognized and endorsed by these firms and approved as a viable means of online trading. Be aware these logos were plagiarized and that no endorsements exist between Success 98 and these reputable firms. Honestly speaking do you think these world renown firms would endorse a web based scam which is presently causing losses and havoc to people across the world?

Sadly even the video below the logos portraying computer glitches that hit the United Airlines and NYSE were published in July 2015 have absolutely nothing to do with this crappy scam app which as stated is supposed to be released on May 16 2016. These scammers are busted live based on nothing but facts.

On further scrutiny it appears even the testimonials were fabricated. Those testimonials by 98 success trading app users are fake. The pictures of Carolyn and Lena Bailey and those of other traders were stolen from other websites and in fact some of them were present in another notorious scam exposed here called Dream Profits, meaning that the same charlatans are behind both scams.

In order to make you believe that you will make money with this dummy system, the people behind this binary trading bot even went further and fabricated arbitrary numbers as profit of nonexistent people. For example I based my investigation on Rebecca Layman whose profits was indicated at more than $41k.Sadly a reversal search on Google confirms that her picture and results were operating in another two scams by the name Cloud Trader and Profit  Maker.

This is confirms that Henry and his cohorts are also running many other scams out there. Right below the testimonials you will see a results section where you can see a Gmail account with PayPal snapshot revealing a $13k balance. Unfortunately the name of the account owner is given as John Darnell but on the PayPal screenshot the name is John Smith. Cleary these images were either stolen and /or poorly photo shopped. Even the images of their twitter feed shown on their website are fraudulent and fake. How come the feeds are so ancient? Besides these so called live links are not clickable and lead to nowhere

The presence of a time counter and pop up indicating that only 4 out 100 spots are available is another desperate and pathetic attempt by these guys to force you into depositing your money quickly .I have to warn you not to register or deposit any money with this fraudster since doing so will dent your pockets and leave you dry.

Conclusion From My 98 Success Review

It is very clear that Success 98 is riddled and infested with scam features, ridiculous claims and statements. As you have seen the people behind this dummy and notorious trading app are also involved with other shady scams that continue to wreck havoc to traders. For your own good please keep from registering or investing with this unreliable and scummy service

Verdict: 98% Success  by Henry D Souza is a scam

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