Algo Trading Robot Review Highlights it a BIG SCAM!

Algo Trading Robot Review exposes the Truth about the Algo Trading Robot Scam

The scam world is the most innovative financial field thanks to creative scammers. The latest entry into the market is the Algo Trading Robot. An unknown person makes a very long video presentation trying to convince you to part with your money. The presenter gives credit to one Mr. Stanley Nash, the person claimed to have come up with a super algorithm in the past century. Now everybody knows that no century is the same politically and economically so the question is, how do we truly sniff out a scam? Well we are here to help you see things clearly for what they are.

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 Results from Algo Trading Robot Review

According to the presenter in the video, the Algo Trading system is retrieved from Oracle Auto Trading Robot that was developed by Stanley Nash. Mr. Nash who was an Applied Mathematics Professor at Oxford University came up with a sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm is what the Algo developers have tweaked into a bot that can predict how the market will behave. The winning ratio here is 88.7%. This is a daily success ration. What’s more, the presenter tells us that for the last 4 years, the bot has only lost a single trade. An investment of at least $250 gets you a minimum of $2600 daily. Do not fall for it. The Algo Trading bot will drain you of all the money you have.

The Algo Trading Robot is first of all introduced to us by unknown person. This only means one thing. The presenter is a paid actor lending his face to be the face of a scam. In the video, the presenter tells us that this bot has been in existence since 4 years ago. A quick check on reveals otherwise. The Algo Trading Robot site was just registered on the 19th of October, 2016. Shame on these scammers, they lie so blatantly.

So they claim that they have never made more than a single loss and they claim that theirs is a super trading bot. we did the calculation. A win rate of 88.7% turns out to 89 wins out of a hundred so what do we call the remaining 11? Losses of course. These guys are out to confuse you with figures assuming that you are so desperate to make money quick that you won’t even bother to calculate. Well we are here to reconciliate what they say with facts. Unfortunately there is too much contradiction.
We also need to inform you that Stanley Nash does not exist. He is as fake as the presenter in the Algo Trading video. Don’t you think that such a person would have been heard of? He has after all allegedly contributed positively to the human race.
There is no information about how the robot works. All we are told is how the bot has super economic powers. Unfortunately this is exactly how scam bots are marketed.

The results we see in the video are simply exaggerated. Any bot claiming to make you more than $1,000 daily is simply a lie. A thousand dollars is actually what you make in a month for a newbie and even if you were an experienced trader you know that your profits are dependent on your investment and that big money does not come easy. Funny how at Algo Trading this just happens at the snapping of fingers. Real traders know that it takes time, patience, money and an ethical broker to make it in trading.

Who is the CEO of Algo Trading Robot?

The CEO of this scam is anonymous. We know nothing and he is not mentioned in the video presentation. Do not dare trust a faceless person with your money. Facelessness simply means that there is no accountability. Scammers are always hiding behind hired actors, rented offices and anonymity. Be careful with your money.

Is Algo Trading Robot a Scam?

Algo Trading Robot is just one of the many typical cases of scamming. Just a lot of hype and exaggerated figures offered so that you do not become inquisitive but just reach out for your card.

Conclusion from Algo Trading Robot Review

Proper packaging and distribution of false information is how scammers survive. Unfortunately scams are created every day because there are people who fall victim. Algo Trading Robot is no different considering the facts stated above.

Verdict: The Algo Trading Robot is just another scam out to steal your money.

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