Alive In 5 System And Auto Trader Is A Deceptive Scam

Honest Review: Alive In 5 System And Auto Trader Is  A deceptive Scam And Rip Off

In these hard times when cases of fraud are rising by the day, day traders and investors should be very careful before investing their money especially in binary trading softwares promising huge returns with very little effort. In my review today I`m letting loose a scathing string of evidence confirming the Alive in 5 scam. Presented by Brandon Graham a looser millionaire, Alivein5 is full of the same old tricks, antidotes and tactics of fooling people such as claims of eternal financial freedom, lifestyle beyond your wildest imagination, fabricated trading sessions, fake identities among many others.

CEO: Brandon Graham

My proof that Alivein5 is a scam

Spewing lies and misleading information regarding the binary trading and his riches, Brandon Graham is in his full element to convince you that his so called Alive in 5 binary trading system will transform your life as well. Unfortunately this guy is completely unknown in the binary trading arena and there is very little information about him on the internet experts posts regarding his dumb software. Similarly if you check the video keenly the girl behind him, Marissa, who is allegedly his girlfriend, was coincidentally an actor in another trading scam called Trade Tracker Pro. This is a sure confirmation that Brandon is nonexistent  and the character behind this scheme is a hired gun whose job is to trick  people to sign up to this “FREE “service. So how can you then trust a person whose is clearly hiding who is? In addition his claim that Alivein5 is ONLY available in your area is another reflag since he doesn’t mention which area he is referencing. This is popular manipulation strategy used to make people feel special. Try changing your vpn or refreshing your browser and you will see a totally different headline saying “this offer is only available to Ireland etc”. This is hogwash and false. Regardless of where you stay you`ll be able to see the presentation and also sign up. This scheme is an equal opportunity fraud!!

I also find it very strange that Brandon, although “very rich” as a result of using his system, he deliberately ignores to tell us how his system is spiting $1,000 in 5 minutes. All what he spews is how easy, fast, and automated it is to make a 5 Figure Income Every Day with his secret software .I think it is crucial to mention this trading app scores a big FAT zero on transparency and reliability. Throughout the whole presentation there is no real trading history, no actual cash transfers from broker accounts or real documented wins. Again I think it is very important to know what’s missing and not just what is presented in the video. Don’t you think it is also absurd to roam the street showing people how his system is dubiously making money? After laboring extensively I was able to come up with further evidence to surely confirm that Alive in 5 is a sham and disgrace. If you look closely at the car, Porsche 911 Carrera S ,Brandon is roaming with in the streets, you can clearly see it was hired from Mcarcompany meaning the  does not belong to him and most likely the fake girlfriend and the posh house which makes this scam much more dangerous. It also likely the people behind this heist were the same people behind FREE money guaranteed system due to their tendency to hire cars from Mcarcompany.

On further investigation I discovered these con artists slapped screenshots of reputable newspapers in order to glorify and legitimize their crummy system. I find this type of conduct to be not only unacceptable and intolerable but also simple to debunk .A quick check on Google reveals that this news piece is nonexistent and was definitely never composed by Helen Wilson

Finally I have discovered that Alivein5 is a brand new system and website whose domain was only registered just the other day contrary to what one of the beta testers claims in the video. A quick run on reveals the domain of Alivein5 was registered in April,2016

My conclusion From My Alive in 5 Review

It is evident that Brandon Graham is a clueless scammer who created a dumb and nonexistent auto trading system complete with a big fake accent, fake identities, fake riches, fake girlfriend, hired cars, and fake lifestyle. Don’t be dumb and fall for his silly tricks. You are safe investing in other reliable and legitimate opportunities.

Verdict: Avoid the Alinve in 5 autotrader and Brandon Graham

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