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The Alpha Money Generator is an auto-trading robot that works with web-based software and eliminates the need for downloading any software but unfortunately its just another scam. The application is presented by Florian Samuel, an alleged portfolio investment banker who “guarantees” that the system can generate as much as $2,500 per day in profits from an initial investment of $250. The software also claims that it offers step by step instructions on how to get the most desired results from your investment. I sought to critically review these claims in order to establish whether the Alpha Money Generator is a scam or a legit binary options trading application.

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First Impressions from My Alpha Money Generator Review

In order to establish if the Alpha Money Generator is a scam, I visited the system`s official site. The founder of the system has a unique story to sell in the video I found on the official site through which the Alpha Money Generator operates. He claims that he has been working as a portfolio manager for 8 years, and has assisted people to earn money through binary options trading. The guy also says that you don’t have to worry about learning the combination charts, and that he only developed the system to help other people make money through binary options trading. The system claims to work on alpha and quantitative analysis to trade online. While all these claims might seem legitimate, there is nothing complex or sophisticated about the system that I saw to make me believe that the system is actually legitimate when I took a closer look at the service. In fact, I started being suspicious that the Alpha Money generator is just another binary trading scam in 2016.

What the my Alpha Money  Generator Promises

When I critically evaluated what the system is promising, I got more convinced that the Alpha Money generator is a scam. They claim that the application uses high performance computing for alpha and quantitative analysis. The founder of the system also claims that the system copies other  binary systems that have been successfully used by big fund managers for the past 20 years. He also claims that this application has never been affected by the turbulence in the world’s financial markets. Well, these claims raise a lot of red flags because it seems very unlikely that the system is not affected by events in the financial markets when we all know that virtually all investment funds across the world were negatively affected by the global economic downturn.

Do you believe this!!!

The service also claims that once you sign up, you will be contacted by a customer service representative who will ask you to select one binary options broker to work with. Once you are registered and selected a broker, you need to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start trading b y clicking on the auto-trading button. The service promises a 94% success rate, but this will not be the actual winning rate when your money is placed on the real trades.

My Alpha Money Generator Video Review

My Findings that Show the alpha Money Generator is a Scam

You only have to look at a couple of facts to know that the Alpha Money generator is a scam. To begin with, Florian Samuel is not a real person. If he was a genuine and prominent person as he claims, he would have done a lot more to build a strong online reputation. The company he claims to own lacks any official status record anywhere online. In fact, the only real account of the guy’s name is in the words of the paid actor in the video. There are other actors in the video as well. They all seem to have the same story line on how they used to be broke and now they are raking in hundreds of thousand of dollars through this system. The identities of the alleged users of the system could not be verified. They are all Fiverr actors.

Alpha Money Generator Review

Conclusion on the Alpha Money Generator Scam

The Alpha Money Generator is a scam by all accounts, so do not be fooled. The website has been set up to look like a licensed business, but there is no evidence of any legitimacy. The service also uses a lot of deception and faking to lure unsuspecting traders into the scam. The owner of the service is not even real, and the alleged users are all paid actors reading from a written script.

My Verdict: The Alpha Money generator is a pure scam: Do not be fooled, you will lose your money.

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