Aurum Corp Review Exposes the Aurum Tech Software

Aurum Corp Tech review exposes the truth about the Aurum Tech Scam

From the stables of scammers comes another scam to rip you off. This time it is packaged as Aurum Corp. The CEO of the scheme is known as Marco Shoemaker. If you are looking to venture into binary options then we advise you to not dare use Aurum Tech software. They are just one of those fraud schemes that have infiltrated the binary options field. They sound like the golden goose that lays golden eggs but we went deeper and found out the truth. Read our fact filled Aurum Corp review and see the red flags. As usual our facts are better served objectively.

CEO: Marco Shoemaker
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Results from Aurum Tech Review

Aurum Corp Tech is a scam system that is allegedly based on a software known as Aurum Tech. this software gives the system the ability to analyze thousands of market related information and based upon that information it chooses the right trades for you. Does this story line sound familiar? Yes it does because it is every scammer’s trick in the scam book. Marco also adds that his software can be accessed by anyone no matter their experience in matters trading. This is to full the beginner into thinking that trading is as easy as it looks.

How does it work? Well we are told that it operates using special signals and then trades for you. So while you are busy with your daily schedule, the software does all the hard work for you. It is such a pity that many have fallen for this fairy tale. You see first of all Marco does not exist. Just like the software, he is a made up character. You see the guy posing as Marco in the video is known as Dennis Moreland or at least that is what he tells us in the Push Money App scam video. We also know that the government does not allow identity theft so it is clear that this is an actor whose pay cheque is written by scammers. It is also sad that the testimonials are filled with stock images from the internet. We searched all over the internet and could find no trace of Marco Pierre Shoemaker. He has no social media accounts and neither is he affiliated with the big brands shown on his site. And no, he has not won any software awards as it is shown on a picture on the Aurum Corp site. CNN Money, Sky News and other major news sites have never heard of this guy.


Now let us look at the profits that you are expected to make. They say that their accuracy ratio is 95%. This is a big lie unless this robot is an extra terrestrial being with an IQ level higher than that of humans.The ratio itself is too high to achieve in the market because markets are prone to things like political climate, natural disasters among other things. They also promise 100% return on your investment. Now let us look at it this way, the testimonials are not real. This people have never ever traded, would you invest in a lie? Of course not, you know better because if everything is a lie, you can be sure your money won’t come back to you.


The explanations do not add up. First of all they say that they depend on signals then they say they only get signals when trades are profitable and at the same time they rely on real time data and decisions are made in milliseconds. Real time data that shuts down when there are no profits, that is really not making sense.

Who is Marco Sellar?


Marco Sellar or whoever he is is a non existing entity. The person playing that role is an actor who also plays similar roles in other scam videos. As we had mentioned before just check him lie in the Push Money App video presentation.

Push Money App Scam

Is Aurum Tech a Scam?

It is impossible for one person to exist as two different persons. It is impossible to have an accuracy ratio of 95%. It is impossible to say that you have won awards and are affiliated by major brands yet there is no trace of you. Aurum Corp Tech is a scam in all its glory and splendor. Other recent scams include The Cash LoopHole and Quantum Cash Machines.

Conclusion from Aurum Tech Review

Ripe fruit will always attract flies and the same will be said for the lucrative binary options industry. It will always attract scammers. There are a lot of facts that prove that Aurum Tech is no better and in my opinion you should avoid it.

Verdict: We find Aurum Corp Tech a scam that needs to be exposed.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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