Auto Money Maker Review Exposes The Truth – SCAM!

Auto Money Maker Review exposes the truth about the Auto Money Maker Scam

Here comes another money stealing scheme in the name of an auto pilot binary trading system. Auto Money Maker software is one among other scam applications that contains so much promises that in a lifetime would never be proved to be true. The alleged CEO is speaking of how your bank account is going to receive regular profits on a daily basis. He goes on and claims that Auto Money Maker system is sophisticated but easy to use and is going to give your life a turn like never before. Be warned of this fake application. Below, we are going to give you reasons and explain in detail why you must consider this software a scam and avoid it like plague.

CEO: Arthur McCool <- That name should scream scam
Official Site:

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Arthur McCool, the alleged CEO of this fake application is highly talking about it. He is ranking the application at a position that no genuine and expert binary trading software has ever been. These sweet-talks about the system makes it suspicious and worth looking at deeper.


He says that you don’t need any knowledge about binary trading option. The system is autopilot and will do all the transactions on your behalf and at the end of the day you’ll have more money in your bank account. Don’t fall for this cheap lie. To trade using the binary option method you need some background knowledge to help you know what you are exactly doing otherwise you’ll be losing for the rest of your days.

In the video presentation the narrator allegedly claims that the software is 97.2% efficient, not for a day or two but the rest of the days you trade using his sophisticated software. He continues by adding that the sophistication of this system is worth working with. Because he has been an expert in the field he conducted successful trades all the time. Therefore, the software scans all his previous trading traits and replicates them and voila! There you are, a successful trader, thanks to his sophisticated application. All these are mere words based on no evidence. Believing these dubious words and exaggerations you’ll be committing suicide.

Frankly speaking, the efficiency of this system is unrealistic. No software can maintain 97.2% efficiency on a daily basis. Arthur is using exaggeration to attract you to trade. He has no other way but to give you things that don’t add up and can never be. Stay away from him and be safe.

He is also talking of how sophisticated his system is forgetting to explain how the system works. He only states that it replicates his records then trades correctly. Be warned about his shallow explanations. He is hiding alot of information that you are dying to know about this software. He is fishy. Avoid his word.

You are guaranteed to make upwards of $2,700 in profits daily for a very long time, so says the alleged CEO Mr. Arthur from a deposit of $250. This is total crap. The most amount of profit it can make is $100 in a day. Experts who have been in the binary trading option can attest to this. Therefore, Arthur is excessively exaggerating to capture your attention and make you deposit with his fake application. Don’t dare try it, he will do away with your hard earned money.

There are some cheaply paid actors hired to endorse this Auto Money Maker System Scam. Truthfully speaking, they are hired to lie from, an online platform where you can get anyone to do anything for you for some few bucks. Don’t believe anything you hear from these hired testimonials. You will lose your money.


auto money maker Review

In addition, there are other testimonials in form of images. These are downloaded images from manipulated to work for the scammers. This is highly unethical and calls for legal actions to Arthur McCool.

The website of this scam is such a nuisance. On opening it you are welcomed by pop-up messages. Arthur is being pushy here and wants you to sign up with his scam application. Why push you this much if he is legitimate. This made us suspicious and called for a detailed research of this software. He is pushing you this much because he know his days are numbered soon he will be busted and account for his lies and faked figures.

Who is CEO Arthur McCool?

According to him, he is a super-wealthy well-known trader. Big fat lie about himself. If it was true he could be all over the internet and on famous business channels but he is nowhere to be seen or heard except in his scam video presentation. He is not to be trusted. He is a scammer trying to convince you to give him your money. Don’t.

Is Auto Money Maker a Scam?

Yes it is, a very big one. The exaggerated figures, hidden identities and fake endorsers tell it all, therefore stay away from this scam.

Conclusion from Auto Money Maker Review

We have just exposed all you needed to know. Now you have all the reasons not to try anything from this video presentation. It will definitely lead to lose of your hard earned money. Again just like Instant Cash Club, Gemini 2 and Pay My Vacation this is just another binary options scam.

Verdict: Auto Money Maker is a Scam, stay away and be safe

If you are relatively new to Binary Options you might be starting to think at this stage that everything in Binary Options is a scam but believe me there are lots of people who do make good money with this style of trading. I have also found a few systems that have done very well for me and they are listed on my Trusted System List.

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