Auto Trader Alpha Review.. Yes another SCAM!

In this review I take a look at the Auto Trader Alpha Scam and yes it is just another big scam as you will see below with the main spokesperson turning out to be a cheap fiverr actor rather than the $500k a year silicon valley businessman he claims to be. The Auto Trader Alpha is the latest of the many binary trading apps to hit the market in 2016. While the owner Tim Gold is not promising earth shaking results, I sought to find out if this is another  binary trading  system designed to scam people. Unfortunately what I found out about this system leaves no doubt that even if you are one illness away from losing everything, I know it’s scary but Alpha Auto Trader is not the cure to your problems. You will definitely lose money with it and there is no question about it so allow me to uncover the evidence that Alpha Auto Trader is a shady scam despite what they promise

CEO / Owner: Tim Gold (Fake Fiverr Actor)

What does Auto Trader Alpha do?

According to the presenter, this binary trading is intended to trade in the binary options marketplace whereby you will be able to generate close to 96% ROI (a mean trade ends in under 60 seconds). Meaning the possibilities for earnings compound swiftly with binary options are second to one. Interestingly his software is supposedly based on a top secret formula from a Wall Street and Silicon Valley insider and possesses a 96 % success rate. According to Tim it can generate you between $550 -$2,100 daily. While it is possible to make these amounts in the binary trading world what I reveal below will make you think twice before you invest your money with this dumb bot

Proof That Auto Trader Alpha is a SCAM

On visiting the official page of this system, you will quickly notice that the video is highly edited to make whatever Mr. Tim Gold shows you look genuine but on a second look I was able to discover that Tim Gold is not more than just a poorly paid Fiverr actor. Actually his name is not Tim Gold but Sean Dennison according to the details provided on his gigs. Clearly this guy has been hired by the people behind this shady scam to make you believe that he was once a successful Investment banker who is now swimming in millions of dollars thanks to The Auto Trader Alpha. As you can now see Sean Dennison has never been a software developer, day trader or investor or anything else he spits in that awful video presentation!!

Another major issue I have with Tim Gold`s presentation is that some of the screenshots he shows us don’t add up. In one of the screenshot the date in his account is in 2015 which raises a serious red flags considering the domain for this website was only registered in Feb  2016

Check out the fake fiverr actors below

AutoTrader Alpha Actors


Conclusion on The Alpha Auto Trader

Alpha Auto Trader has all the elements of a typical binary trading scam right from the use of fake identities, photo shopped bank accounts, fake testimonials, unmatching dates and an unreliable cloned system. The truth is that the Alpha Auto Trader system operates just like other binary scams out there. You will be better off without investing any money with this  pathetic system

Verdict: AutoTrader Alpha is a complete Scam you should avoid

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