Automata Formula is a SCAM and this Review Exposes Them!

Automata Formula review exposes the truth about the Automata Formula Scam

Automata Formula is new software that is going viral online, most probably for its suspicious nature. See, this is not a legit Binary Trading options, but rather a scam which is schemed to fraud innocent traders their money. What is interesting about this scam is how it is likely to raise eye brows to any observant trader. The whole thing appears fraudulent at first sight, not to mention the suspicious look of its proclaimed owner and CEO George Coleman. The software is alleged to be fully automated and 100% accurate among other faked features. In this article, we are going to unearth the reality behind these lies.

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Results from Automata Formula Review

There is so much to prove that this is a mere scam and not a reliable trading software at all. First, the said CEO, Gorge Coleman, who brags about how the software has made him astounding wealth, does not tell us how it works. He also proceeds to add that its success is grounded on “Legal Loophole”, which are either non-existent, or illegal, which means they should raise suspicion in every sense. Additionally, Gorge Coleman previously featured as CEO in other Binary Trading scams – Orion Code in the name of Edward Robinson, and in The Amissio Formula as Craig Phillips, which is a clear indicator that he is an actor.

Looking into what the software is allegedly capable of, you will notice that this is all about lies. Software that can make $23,000 from $250 investment in just 24 hours is yet to be seen or heard of in Binary Trading options market. Moreover, the statement about making $950 per hour adds to the lies that this man is circling around in his promo video.


Additionally, in his promo video, Coleman says that he has been using this software for the last two years. This is nothing but a mere lie, since our research has found out that its domain registration reflects on 15th, September this year. What more reason does he has to make us believe his lie that his so-called software has been operating for two years now?

The time you happen to make a scrutiny of the testimonials is when you will agree with me that this software is far from real. The testimonials that these schemers are using to try giving you a glimpse of the software are not credible at all. They have used faked details to show you the profits that their “traders” have made with the software, besides hiring actors to bug you with lies about how they have made it big with the trading option.


Who is CEO George Coleman?


The self-proclaimed Automata Formula founder and CEO is one Gorge Coleman. This man happens to be an experienced scammer in luring innocent and unsuspecting traders to giving him free money. He has been in previous scams as a CEO too, some of which, like Orion Code, are said to have had a fortune in conning traders their money. Now he is back with a new scam, a new name, and a bunch of new lies, but the bitter truth is that he is nothing better than a liar.

Is Automata Formula a Scam?

Yes, Automata Formula is a scam, and I am sure by now you know this for a fact, that this software has nothing to do with money making. It is just a scam wrapped in lies and deceptions of how reliable it is and how it can change your life forever, to the extent of futile efforts of luring you to believe it is a treasure that you should not confide in anyone about. This is hilarious and with no any foundation. If you have to invest, there are legit and reliable Binary Trading options out there that you can try out; this one is just out and far from the list.

Conclusion from Automata Formula Review

From the suspicious appearance of the CEO of this scam, the lies within, the unrealistic figures and empty promises that abide, we can conclude that Automata Formula is a scam. You need to stay away from these fraudsters before they take advantage of your innocence and manipulate you into letting them sow where they never planted. You will be on the safe side, if only you heed this review’s facts and pull out of believing in these scammers’ lies, lest, you stand to lose.

Verdict: Automata Formula is a scam and should be avoided and done away with right away. It has nothing positive to offer.

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