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In my review today I’m looking at Phoenix Trading which is a Binary Options Scam presented by Mr William Johnston of the “Marshall Sherman Group” that takes a very interesting approach and one I’m afraid will trap a lot of people.

Official Site: Phoenixtrading.co

First Impressions of PhoenixTrading

When I got onto the PhoenixTrading Site I thought it looked like a decent design, clean and simple with the video on top, opt in box on the right and a few “testimonials” flying by under the video. The usual type of sale design nowadays I suppose.

As I started to listen to the video I got a bit confused when they started talking about been a market research company called Marshall Sherman Group (I thought I was on the Phoenix Trading site??). This is where this plot gets interesting as Mr William Johnston tells us that he is from the Marshall Sherman Group and goes on about what his company does for leading companies around the world. Eventually we get back to the point of the video and we hear that the Phoenix Trading Scam is one of their clients and they are helping them with market research by getting 50 beta testers to sign up and try this magic Binary Options Trading software.

William also tells us that after the market research is finished we will lose access to the software which would be no problem if we made a few thousand dollars for just depositing $250 and clicking GO. Again I feel that this will have a physiological effect on people that they think it must be real if they have to fill out a survey after the research and give back the software.

Proof that Phoenix Trading is a scam

Video Proof that Phoenix Trading is a Scam


Fake Social Profiles

Another aspect of this that I think might trick a few people into joining is all the testimonials on the inside page from Facebook and Twitter users on the “live feeds”. In reality if you try and find the Phoenix Trading Software on Facebook or Twitter you will come up short. On the site they claim that their twitter handle is @phoenixprofits but if you try and find that on twitter you get this page which doesn’t look to have all the glowing references that we see on the site – https://twitter.com/phoenixprofits Make sure you check out my video where I show you exactly what I mean about this.

When I also looked for the members in the social profiles I found that all of the ones that I looked for were stock images, again I show this in my video review of Phoenix Trading. Below are a few of the examples of the stock images.

The image below is a snapshot of the “Live“ Twitter feed on Phoenixtrading.co.


Phoenix Trading Scam

Then when I do an image search for some of the faces that are hailing this wonderful and glorious Phoenix system I find the same faces on multiple site and all with different names. Ben is even on another trading system back in 2014 called tradexprt but back then his name was Jamaal Suad and not Ben J


Phoenix Trading Scam Stock Images


Conclusion on my Phoenix Trading Review

The Phoenix Trading Scam is something you should stay away from as I am fairly sure you will just lose all your money. The nice guy that he is William Johnston also says he will deposit an extra $200 into your account after you make your first deposit just to help you out but in reality this will be a broker bonus which will tied you into huge volume requirements with the broker so you will never get your money out.

Verdict: Avoid Marshall-Sherman Group and Phoenix Trading unless you want to lose your money

Don’t forget to check out my list of Trusted Brokers, Full Scam List and also my few trusted systems. If you have any questions on this scam or any other binary options system or broker just leave me a comment below or send me a message through the contact page.

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