Bahama Banker is a voice narrated SCAM

Bahama Banker review exposes the truth about the Bahama Banker Scam

When someone mentions the name Bahamas it is like a cool breeze and sandy beaches set in. Nobody ever thought that the next time we would hear the name Bahamas it would have a scam attached to it. Thanks to one Herald Beckman, there is a new scam software known as Bahama Banker. Our readers were perturbed by the number of affiliate emails they were getting and even forwarded some to us. Of course we knew that this was them asking us to help them find out the truth and truth shall we find. Read on and see the facts unfold.

CEO: Herald Beckman
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Results from Bahama Banker Review

According to Herald Beckman, a certain man by the name Dimitri came into his office and asked for help to move millions of dollars to an offshore account. Herald thought the guy was kidding and almost chased him out of his office when he realized that he was an online trader. He made a deal with Dimitri that he would help move his money and in return he would give Herald the software to use. This is how the story of Bahama Banker software began.
Herald who is the CEO of the system claims that he has been in the business for over ten years. He actually is a private banker in the Bahamas which he praises as an island where the wealthy come to evade tax. He tells us that he has done business with good business men, politicians and off course criminals. It is a known factor that dirty business is illegal. According to Herald, traders are able to earn $1250 daily using his software. How does it work? Well there is use of high frequency trading strategy which allows the software to evaluate the market and make life changing trades in a matter of seconds.

How successful is the Bahama software? Herald says it has a winning rate of 96. 1%. We only wonder where he gets such a rate since anything in the trading market that has a winning accuracy above 90% does not exist. We also wonder how a software with a domain name registered just three months ago recruited over 10,000 members. Even on auto mode it is impossible to gather $1,250 daily with a mere investment of $250.

Do not even be cheated for a second when Herald says that he will only be taking 1.5% from the trades. He will definitely be taking more than that. Someone who knows where to go to run away from the taxman is someone who ha s a trick on his sleeve and is waiting to pounce at the right time.

Traders are linked up with rogue brokers who have paid the likes of Herald to bring them more clients so that they can steal from them. Herald is simply trying to get you to deposit so that he can earn his commission and move on to his next scam gig.

Fiverr actors have also contributed in the making of this scam video. The first video testimonial is by a Fiverr actor and then of course there are stock images that the scammers have randomly picked from the internet and posted on their site as users.

Bahama Banker Scam

Who is Herald Beckman?

Bahama Banker Review

Herald Beckman is a made up character. The scammers behind the Bahama Banker system did not even have the courtesy to use an actor to be a fake CEO. In this video there is a small cut out image of a man and a woman and we are supposed to believe that that is Herald. All we see throughout the video presentation are slides explained by a voice narrator. We searched on the internet and social media platforms but could not find any trader or private banker by the name Herald Beckman.

Is Bahama Banker a Scam?

Yes Bahama Banker is a scam. Herald Beckman or whoever he is is a non existing entity. The profits indicated and the testimonials given are true. The only true thing about this scam is that it is a scam. Others scams to watch out for are Royce Code, Profit Replicator App and Aurum Tech.

Conclusion from Bahama Banker Review

As much as traders are guaranteed to make wins with this software, we all know that that is impossible. The markets are affected by different situations. To make good money in trading then you need a healthy amount of experience. Herald is lying when he says your level of experience does not matter but it does especially if you do not know that $250 cannot earn you thousands of dollars.

Verdict: Bahama Banker is a voice narrated scam out to rob you.

The list of scams in the Binary Options industry is growing every day so make sure you do your research before ever handing over your money to anything online. As I find systems that work I add them along with my results to my trusted system list here.  I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.


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