Binary Compound System By Harrod Crowells Is A Scam

Binary Compound System  By Harrod Crowells Is A Compound Scam

Today morning I have received  an email from one of my readers to check whether compound system by Harod Crowells is genuine app or another bogus app hell bent on stealing from unsuspecting members of the public.  After investigating this software and observing how it behaves I have come to a conclusion that binary compound  system is one risky app that you should avoid by all means. My findings are thorough and really prove that binary compound  is full of misleading facts, statements and claims, fake testimonials, hire actors and other scummy features

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CEO: Harod Crowells

Scam Proof From My Compound System Review

I have to say I was no impressed at all after visiting the official webpage of compound system as the whole system and production looks like it was designed by ten grader. The sales video is done by a voice over and the website looks very gibberish; not what  you expect from a company that want you to invest with. In most cases ,the compound system looks like a manifestation of typical scam which keep on flooding the internet. All of them tend to have facial features which are too good to be true and all the claims are quite fictitious

With respect to the sales presentation the compound system is based on  trends following algorithm. This creation of the alleged owner is  based on some type of  magnetic impact method or the so called compound effect. I don’t know what all this crap is all about and I wonder how it is applicable to binary trading. I have a feeling that in an effort to make his explanations look more persuasive he just made up this bogus narrative. On top of that, it appears the  presenter has nothing to say  in regards to proper binary trading and for me this is a huge red flag

Interestingly, at start of the presentation, you will encounter more deceptive explanation on how this system works but near the end when you sign you will realize that this crap is actually an auto trading app which is synchronized  with  bogus brokers  plus the whole app is a clone of other scummy  softwares. Take a look at lazy millionaire and opus formula ,they are identical scams with identical inside trading dashboards! The same crap is stuffed with time counters and scarcity tactics which are all aimed at forcing you sign up with this shitty service!

Now lets turn our attention  to this moron, the alleged owner of compound system, a mr Harod Crowells.

In the presentation, he is described as an ex investment banker, who  worked as an employee in one of the largest global banks(no name  is given for obvious reasons) where he allegedly stole the ideas which helped him develop his amazing system. I have to say this owner and founder is all cooked up character and there is no way you prove his identity. If you have been in the industry for sometime now, you should be aware that use of voice overs is becoming a popular tool for scammers to operate scam .That said these morons know nothing about financial trading  and are not traders; just misusing the good name of binary trading to promote their scams.

If you visit the homepage of compound system, you will quickly notice that it is full of testimonials which are questionable. I have to say all those images of testimonials are all fabricated and stolen from the internet. On top of that the beta testers inside the presentation and endorse this dull system are poorly compensated souls from an online marketplace called where anyone can hire anyone for  just $5

Conclusion From My Compound System Review

I have no doubt in my mind that compound system is a dirty scam that features infinite scam characteristics, misleading statements and over the top promises. For all purposes and intentions stick to what you are doing currently or look for other means of investments otherwise keep off this dirty service

Verdict: binary compound system is a creepy and shady scam




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