Binary Interceptor Review – Just Another Scam!

In today’s review and video I take a look at The Binary Interceptor Scam and yes Binary Interceptor is just another scam. Presented by a Mr. Robert Harper, the Binary Interceptor system and auto trader is the latest binary trading software to hit the binary trading market in the last 30 days. Question is, Is this a golden ticket to financial freedom or another  deceptive  system meant to scam you out of your hard earned money?. Below I uncover the truth behind this app in this bold, unbiased and honest review. Please be advised in advance that this trading app could be your worst nightmare, so read my review very carefully

CEO / Spokesperson: Robert Harper
Official Website:

Proof that Binary Interceptor is a dangerous scam

On the face of it, Binary Interceptor Software has all the characteristics common in other similar online trading scams, from convincing sales gimmicks, claims of instant riches and promises of a lifestyle beyond your wildest imagination and the like. This sales gimmick presented in the video and the practice whereby the system displays trading results which are not coherent with app`s performance is intended to trick you invest $250. The claim that their system has a 100% winning rate is not only inconsistent and misleading to how binary trading works but also untrue. In the financial trading markets, no one can guarantee you such outrageous claims. If their claims were to be believed then it means you could be a millionaire in a couple of months from an investment of just $250!!!

Even what raises more credibility about their service is the blatant use of images belonging to security protocol providers to make you believe that their service is secure. Unfortunately when you try to click those images, the links are not working meaning the whole thing about being secure is nonexistent. See the image below

Check out my Binary Interceptor Review video below

Now back to the video, Robert Harper, the alleged owner of this trading app doesn’t have a face. His claims that he has been in the industry for several years doesn’t hold any water. First he is a nobody in the binary trading market and the little information about him only leads back to the Binary Interceptor website. I’m convinced this Harper guy is a cheap actor hired to do the voice over on behalf of the real people behind this fitly system.

Secondly his scandalous claims that you and I probably found his website through one of his friend`s or student`s “special invite” doesn’t add up at all. This is completely false as most of the people who have contacted   us have reliably informed us of being bombarded with unending spam mail regarding this latest rip off. If you have already received emails from this scammer I kindly request that you block and filter them otherwise they will keep on sending you other bogus offers in future.

Thirdly, pay close attention here. I have solid proof that Binary Interceptor scam is one of the most dangerous scams in 2016.If you are not already aware, this misleading system is also connected to another scam called Virtual Income app which was released a few months ago. I’m shocked to find out the main presenter in Virtual income app “Derek” and Mr. Harper is one and the same person!! It’s very sad to see it is the same cheap guy with his stupid looking face, hired to pitch the same misleading binary trading service. I also feel Binary Interceptor is the same system (Virtual income) cloned to look differently, and it’s the same scammers promoting this rip off only using different surroundings and actors.

Check out the image I put together below showing that all Binary Interceptors “Live Client Results” are just fake stolen images as I explain in my video reviews.

Binary Interceptor Fake Images

My conclusion that binary interceptor is one deadly scam

Right from the blatant use of security protocol images, misleading and ambiguous success claims, faked images, similarity to Virtual Income App presenter, the mystery behind Robert Harper identity and his experience in binary trading ,Binary interceptor  binary trading app confirms to be a  very deadly and scandalous scam that you should avoid by all means. Please keep off this bogus trading system otherwise it’ll give you zero profits and unending nightmares

Verdict: Stay away from the Binary Interceptor SCAM!!

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