This list has not been updated in a while so just because a service is not listed on it doesn’t mean I don’t consider it a scam. Always do research before joining anything online.

In recent years the Binary Options and Forex Industry has been flooded with Binary Options Scams so that is why I have started this section on my blog to highlight and debunk any scams that I come across to hopefully help save you my loyal readers money and help you avoid these scams.

Below is a high level list of all the Forex and Binary Options Scams that I have reviewed and you can click into each to see my full review on each. If you are looking for a particular one then press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and you should be able to search.

List of Scams

Binary OptionsRobot 24, Retailed Profits, Binary Money Manager, Reevfeed, TBO Trading, TNT Trading, FintechBot, Dream System, 30 Day Challenge, IO Software, Nova Star, Nasa Trader Project, Nasa Trader Project, FortuneBot, Smart Simple Bot, Fincrowd Software, Rio Profits, Nova Trader, Opti System, Binary Options Club, Monaco Treasure, The Cobalt Code, Equinox Trading, Binary Diploma, US Binary Signals, Tera App, Lucrosa Pro, HB Swiss, Signal Samuri, Binary options Millionaire, Public Millionaire, Pro Binary Bot, Mambo Investments,  Omni App, FX Sniper, BinRobot Lady, Profit Ball, Top 10 Profits, Dupli Cash AppStep 2 Wealth, Success CircleForex Maverick, Guaranteed Money SystemCFD Society, Profits PerpetualRubix Project, NeuroTrader, The Trading Compass, Lazy Trader, Trading Everest, Binary Robot 365, Einstein Trader, Cognitrade App, Leaked Profits, Vena System, Profits perpetual, Market Filter App, Hexa Trader, HFT Finance, 10k Every Day, Binatrust, Sowelstace Financial, Inter Trader, Spectrum 7, Jane Marshall wealth systemNasdaq Inside Trader, Self Made Millionaires, Easy Daily Profits, One Touch TraderCrack BrokersRoyce CodeBahama BankerProve My ProfitsProfit Replicator App, Guardian Angels Wing, Crack Brokers, Jarvis FormulaMy Profit Formula, Wallstreet Focus Group, Spectrum 7, The Cash Loophole, Aurum Corp, Global Satellite Trader, Quantum Cash Machines, Obcasio, Self Made Millionaires Biz, Crude Profit System, Binary 5, Plenitude FormulaOnassis Alliance, Click Money System, Profits Eternity, Electoral Profits, Zen Trader, Turbine XO, Zeus 2Automata FormulaOrion Code, Cloud Tracker Trader, The Trader App, Multiplexer, 1000 Dollar Secret, Optical Signal Trader, Poly Graph Millionaire, Prepaid Profits, Financial Freedom System, Charity Profits App, Dream Catcher, Blazing Trader, Auto Money Maker, Pay My Vacation, Gemini 2,  Evergreen FormullaTerabit Trader, Insured Trading, Ten Fold Finance, Algo Master 2.0, Dubai Lifestyle App, The Centument Project 2, Bot Plus 365 V2, Bitcoin Money Machine, 5 Day Millionaire, Wealth Crew, PRIZM TechEUxitBinary Trust MethodLurosaCash ImproveMy Winning SystemFintech LtdZero Loss FormulaBrexit BotBinary Compound SystemFast Cash Club, Brooks BlueprintMaximus Profits, Money Mentors Club, Traders Revenge, Opus Formula, Brexit Money MachinesFreedom CircleThe Profit HackCompound TraderCash FormulaMobile Binary CodeThe Cobalt CodeQuantum CodeNesdek AppAlderley CodeDisrupt Trading97 PartnersRegal WealthThe Azure MethodEasy Wealth SystemMidnight Money MachineGreenwood FormulaIce 9 TechnologyHoffman Stein98% SuccessGPS TraderAlive in 5The Money GlitchHedge Formula GroupThe Midas MethodThe Referral ProjectBinary InterceptorDream ProfitsAuto Trader AlphaDaily Trader ClubLie Detector MillionaireSydney System, Aussie System, London SystemThe Wallstreet LifestyleVirtual IncomeDrexel Code, BinaryBrainTrust, TrianaSoftCloud TraderTrade Tracker ProTrade X ConfidentialLimitless ProfitsThe Golden ParadigmMy First Online PaydayGrand Prix CashSocial Tech TraderAmissio FormulaThousand Dollar DaysQ-Bits Mega Profit, Millionaire Replicator, Altronix App SystemWells InvestmentsBinary Secret1k Daily ProfitsGold Trade MicrosystemPush Money AppZulander Hack, The Nautilus Method, Binary Boxer, Magnetic ProfitsTrade FusionPower Profits Platform, Pump Trading System, Stark Trading SystemEpic Winners SoftwareBinary Freedom FormulaEinstein MethodPhoenix Trading SystemSimple ProfitsProfit MagnetGlobal Millionaires ClubMillion Dollar Months7 Figure ChallengeGreg’s Insider MethodCertified IncomeSarah’s ConfessionSpectre SystemChannel RangerFirst Class ProfitsMockingBird MethodMillionaire ShieldProf Hansen AppCoffee Cash CheatMaster Snipers TradingGoogle Trader ReviewProtected Profits Review, Dow Jones Equinox

If you have come across any other dodgy looking sites or ones that you would like me to review please leave a comment below and I will check them out.