BinaTrust Review Exposes the Truth about the BinaTrust Scam

BinaTrust Review exposes the Truth about the BinaTrust Scam

BinaTrust Software is an alleged binary option trading software. BinaTrust System is a Scam and will never make you any richer. Be warned. Opening the website of this scandalous application you are met with unrealistic figures. You are falsely told that you will make $4,800 from the initial deposit of $250. This is too good to be true.

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What BinaTrust Promises

The bogus system starts by claiming that you will be making a profit of $4,800 on a daily basis from a deposit of $250. This is a big lie. Even the genuine bot applications don’t yield such profits in a day. Don’t be blinded by the huge amount quoted. It is way too much overstated. As a matter of fact you are guaranteed one thing, to lose the initial cash you deposited. Be warned and be smart.

The application is a fake and only made to make money for the scammers behind the scenes, not you. You are just convinced in order to feed the thieves with your hard earned money and, of course you don’t want that.

The video presentation claims that the application was made for people from all walks of life. You don’t need any prior experience to use the application. It is easy to use and efficient up to 78%. This is not true. One needs some little knowledge to know how to go about the application in order to make the most out of the initial deposit.

You are also promised to get free access. You don’t need to pay anything to have the application. Just a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection. Big fat lie. Don’t be fooled to go through the downloading process thinking that you will get the free access. This is a trap, they are waiting for you to deposit cash then vanish with your hard earned savings.

The site goes on and adds that there are proven verified results and that the software will execute a trade when convenient for it receives 150 signals throughout the day. What the site is trying to say is that you are guaranteed profits, not for a single day you will make a loss. This is false. Bot is just like any other business, there are highs and lows, BinaTrustSystem can’t be an exception.

Also, there is no way a company with such a cheap video presentation will have proven verified results. It has no CEO and no names are associated with the video just a short miserable animation not explaining how the software works.

Proof that BinaTrust is a Scam

We are not told how the software works, only how we are going to reap big from the little initial deposits. This is too true to be good. In addition, scammers don’t really know how the application works just put big words like algorithm anywhere thinking that they have convinced people.

In the video presentation there are no names that can be traced back to. This shows that no one is responsible over the software and it can be anybody running it maybe a black hat hacker.

Opening the website you are presented with a time countdown. Telling you that you have less than the indicated time before you are closed out. This is a fake time count down and only used to lure you to sign up. It is an old marketing trick that is out of place.

We also notice big names in the business world like CNN, FORBES, LE MONDE, BLOOMBERG and ENTERPRENEUR. These names should link you back to the official sites of these names, however, it is not the case here. Enough proof that the site used other peoples brands without seeking legal permission thus criminals and should be put behind bars.

As seen, the video presentation is so simple, poor and recklessly done. On the other hand we are told that the software uses mathematical signals and AI to critically look at data from news, chats and economic news. The poor video tells it all, the company can’t afford such high end infrastructure to do the calculations and analysis.

The site goes on to introduce fake testimonials. Searching on the internet confirmed that the people captured on the photos are not even aware that their photos are used as other people’s testimonials. This shows how lame the scammers are and how unethical they are, how can you just pick random images from social sites and manipulate them to work for your good?

Stay away from this fake before they steal all your hard earned cash.

Conclusion from BinaTrust Review

From the above well researched information we conclude that BinaTrust Software is a scam and must be avoided at all costs. The poor video presentations, fake time countdown, fake testimonials and the unrealistic profits tell it all. Stay away and be safe with your savings and hard earned money.

Verdict: BinaTrust is a Scam and must be avoided by everyone

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.


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