Bitcoin Money Machine review exposes the SCAM

Bitcoin Money Machine review exposes the truth about the Bitcoin Money Machine Scam

Bitcoin Money Machine is a binary options software that operates via artificial intelligence. The name of this AI is EMELI and is a common term used in the dark web. The voice in the video also adds that EMELI is an algorithm used by big corporations such as IBM. The mysterious and hypnotizing voice belongs to none other than Warren Young or whoever that might be. Warren Young presents himself to you as this ambitious person who used to trade manually until he met EMELI in the deep dark web. As an underground trader, his exploits went up the roof. He claims that with Bitcoin Money Machine he can make you $264,300.75 richer in a fortnight.

CEO: Warren Young
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What Bitcoin Money Machine Promises

First and foremost we are promised that EMELI will do all the hard and smart work for us. All that is required on our part is a simple deposit of $250. The results according to Warren are that in 14 days, our $250 will bring in almost a quarter a million. The second promise is that EMELI knows how to get down to work, having an accuracy ratio of 98.6%. This means that it is very unlikely that your tradings will be losses. We are so lucky to have found the video because there are only 100 slots left and we are the chosen ones to enjoy a dream life. Bitcoins have taken the world by storm and trading in them is the same as trading with real money.

Bitcoin Money Machine Review

Proof that Bitcoin Money Machine is a Scam

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. There is plenty of evidence that the duck known as Bitcoin Money Machine is nothing more than a cheap scam aimed at siphoning your hard earned cash. First of all, Warren Young is a Bitcoin trader or so he says, who does his tradings in the blackhat world. Nothing good ever comes from the dark web.

Second of all you cannot make more than a quarter million by simply putting in $250. And the fact that it can happen in a matter of two weeks is just absurd. Such a feat is only possible if you are onto a thousand trades daily and winning all of them. A win rate of 98.6% is simply a pure fantasy.


Google is the largest search engine and whatever you need you simply type in so imagine the shock when Google does not have a clue who or what EMELI is. Is Google becoming an idiot? I don’t think so.

The bombshell now comes in; if Google does not know about EMELI then definitely Warren Young is also not an existing living being. He is a figment of a scammer’s imagination. He is not on social media or on any professional platform.

Lastly, there is a lot of information hidden behind the curtain. Bitcoin Money Machine has nothing to do with Bitcoins infact Warren Young or the scammer behind the idea deals with Binary Options not bitcoins.

Now how could I have forgotten yet this is what all scammers do. It seems they have now moved from Fiverr to Facebook. In the Bitcoin Money Machine case, they have stolen images online and put them up as Facebook posts by satisfied clients. And on they have not been approved by Mcfee or AVG.


Conclusion from Bitcoin Money Machine  Review

Just like EUxit and Lucrosa this is another scam. Scammers are successful because of one thing and that is ignorance. When you read honest reviews like this one, you get to the truth and the signs to look out for, never ever give away your money blindly. Seek information first. Of course there are sites out there that have been paid to dilute and deny the truth but the signs stand out clearly.

Verdict: The Bitcoin Money Machine is a scam in all its fullness and should be avoided at all costs.

Hopefully you haven’t been caught out by these scammers. I will be adding these to my eer growing scam list. There really are only a few systems that I have found to work and actually make me money and I have them listed here on my Trusted Systems.

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