Blazing Trader Review Exposes this Dirty Scam Software!

Blazing Trader Review exposes the Truth about the Blazing Trader Scam

At this stage I am nearly an expert in identifying scams and as soon as I seen one it screamed scam. Blazing Trader Software is not an exception. The alleged CEO and creator of this app is speaking of impossibilities about binary option trading. He is talking of how you are going to get the app for free then make nothing less than $20,000 in a day. We have done our homework and the information we are going to present below is factual and detailed relating to this scam app that was specifically crafted to drain your money.

Blazing Trader Software System is a fake, venturing into binary trading option using it is a waste of your time and money. As a matter of fact you will lose your hard earned money. Therefore we urge you to stay away from the empty promises the alleged CEO offers.

CEO: Johan Strand
Official Site:

Blazing Trader Scam

Results from Blazing Trader Review

Johan Strand the alleged CEO is starting his video presentation by asking a question. He would like to buy your 5 minutes for $20,000. This amount is way too much making us suspicious about his offer. All this money for five minutes? This can’t be. It is one of his tricks to keep you glued to the video presentation hoping that at the end you will be convinced to deposit with his scam application. Don’t be fooled by this, he is a fraudulent artist working for cyber criminals behind the scenes. His salary for pulling this gig is far from the amount, how comes he will afford to pay you $20,000 for 5 minutes.

Blazing Trader Review

In the video we are told that the app is free of charge and you are guaranteed to make at least $20,000 in a day. This are mere words meant to make the deal of signing in with this scam software sweet. Don’t try to consider any of these empty words. You will lose your money as soon as you deposit it with them. Be warned and stay away from Blazing Trader System Scam.

Johan Strand claims that he is a self-made millionaire and a professor of applied mathematics. He adds that he has gone ahead and worked with NASA. If what he said was true, he would be in the archives of news agencies but he isn’t. These are all fake credentials. He is a hired actor not a self-made millionaire and has never been a professor of applied mathematics anywhere. He is trying out this trick to work for him. We are aware of his cheap tricks and we are warning you not to listen to his lies.

Johan Strands System is said to have a staggering accuracy of 93% yet calls it risk free. It is clear from simple mathematics that 93% is not risk free for there is a 7% left out. But Johan goes ahead and says that the software will never lose. How is this possible when the 7% is already out? How can a mathematics professor not know such simple calculations? It is clear that he is lying about the ability of the software. He wants you to deposit your money with him. Stay away from his lies and be safe. In addition there is no risk free trade in the binary trading option. At times there is losing.

If you join this program Johan promises that you will be withdrawing your daily revenues everyday and profits on the coming day. This is not true, binary trading experts know better that withdrawals in your trading account is not instant, it happens in 4 or 5 business days or more.

Johan is trying another trick. He is being pushy hoping that you will be convinced to join his fake program. In the website we see pop-ups and pushy messages showing that there are only 34 slots remaining. These are just figures with no meaning. Be wise and follow our advice, don’t give in to any of his tricks.

Finally, fake endorsers are used. These are random images downloaded from and Photoshoped to act as real endorsers. The people on the images have no idea of how their images are used. Stay away from this merciless thief who is willing to use fakes to convince you to deposit with his non-existing app.

Blazing Trader Testimonials

Who is CEO Johan Strand?

Johan Strand Blazing Trader

Johan is a fraudulent artist. He was hired by cyber criminals and hackers to endorse their stealing program. He should not be trusted with your money. He will vanish with it as soon as you deposit it.

Is Blazing Trader a Scam?

From my review I am concluding that it is a review and hopefully after reading my post here you agree with me and save your money. This is just another scam like Gemini 2, Algo Master 2.0 & Instant Cash Club.

Conclusion from Blazing Trader Review

Blazing Trader System is a scam. Venturing into it is throwing away your hard earned money. It is based on unreliable and unrealistic data. The alleged CEO is a scammer and is only trying to lure you to be a part of them pampering your imagination with empty promises. Stay away and be safe.

Verdict: Blazing Trader is a Scam and should be avoided.

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