Brexit Bot Review Exposes Paul Harrison Scam

Dirty Scam Exposed: Brexit Bot Review By Paul Harrison Is an Outrageous Scam!!

The Brexit Bot system, another new and viral auto trading app released a few days ago is obviously a dirty scam riding on the Brexit precipitate that occurred in Britain 2 months ago. Allegedly this software will make you a fake millionaire in just two months by taking advantage of a loophole in the world financial markets. A sober person even with a half brain should not take this drub and fake scheme seriously even for a second. Just  last month another scam by  a similar name ,Brexit cash machines was blacklisted here and it seems the same morons are behind this evil scam which will not take you anywhere.

CEO: Paul Harrison

Scam Proof From my Brexit Review

All what is promised in the Brexit bot system video production resembles and mirrors everything that was present in Brexit cash machines and is a clear indication that it will not take you anywhere and will only get you so broke .I have to say that I was very disappointed after visiting the official web page of Brexit bot app since everything found in there clearly resembles a similar scam reviewed here which followed right after the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Although details remain fizzy on whether they are the same scammers that produced the Brexit scam be assured that Brexit Bot app by the alleged founder, a Paul Harrison is quite misleading and highly malicious compared to its predecessor .While conducting my investigation I have no doubt that traders are badly losing money and are faced with bogus claims and promises in an effort to excite audiences sign up on a shady service. There are just too many scummy features present in this system which just can’t be overlooked and must be exposed so that you get to know about them. Read my honest review below before you waste your money on this creepy money stealing heist.

The very first red flag I encountered was the extreme employment of well-known fiverr actors who sell their souls to do testimonials and reviews in endorsing this useless scam. And just because they are well known doesn’t imply there are trustworthy. Take for instance the bald man fit for a pensioner who claims of making over $.5m in just two weeks after signing up with this service. He boasts of how he has been scammed several times via other services, yet claims that Brexit bot service as the only legit system are a mockery to your thinking. This so true given that I have nabbed this moron in many bogus scams encouraging new traders to invest in very dangerous apps such as Maximus profits and lazy millionaire. Just seeing him in a sea of other evil fiverr actors with equally less impressive reputations is enough to say that Brexit bot is a shady and very scummy app

Now let’s focus our attention to the owner, Paul Harrison. Without a question his identity is a complete fiction by the real scammers who created this phony Brexit bot scam app. Have you noticed not even for a second are we shown his face in the entire video presentation? For all I care, the voice over could belong to anyone, certainly not from this crazy impersonator pretending to be the owner for this fake millionaire making system. If you have doubts try searching for this moron on the internet and I’m sure you will not find anything about him except reviews warning about this pathetic app

Just like in other scamming services Brexit app is replete with annoying time counters whose aim is to force you act quickly before this special invite and opportunity disappears. In our case here only 50 positions are available which could force new day traders to act irrationally and sign up before realizing later they are being scammed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that you should not entertain such desperate tactics since they may cost you badly in the long run

Conclusion From my Brexit bot Review

There is no question about it, Brexit bot is an evil scam clothed with dirty tactics, misleading statements and facts, full of famous fiverr actors known for participating and endorsing scams. For all intents, stay away from Brexit bot and the poor owner, Paul Harrison

Verdict: Brexit bot by Paul Harrison is a pathetic and shady scam

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