Centument Project 2 Review Exposes The Complete Scam

Centument Project 2.0 review exposes the truth about the Centument Project 2.0 Scam

Centument Project 2.0 is a software developed by Centument Limited which isn’t even a real company. It has already been launched to replace the first version released approximately nine months ago. The free software has been made specifically to counteract the disadvantages its first version had. It is essentially developed to block the brokers who hacked it and changed its coding for their own sake and make money from the clients transactions. Centument Project 2.0 is no less a scam than the earlier version. To say the truth you will still lose money just like with the first version.

CEO: Gerald Reed
Official Site: thecentumentproject2.co

Gerald Reed Centument

What Centument Project 2.0 promises?

Gerald Reed the owner of Centument Project 2.0 system highly talks of his accomplishment and the tremendous work it can do within a very short span of time. The C.E.O urges people to download the software because it comes with the following benefits:

  1. Gerald reed in his review says that at the time only 1644 people were working with the software and each made 20000 dollars per week. Seriously speaking, to make such kind of money weekly one has to invest more than the amount Gerald is saying. The money cannot bring such returns within a week. This is unrealistic and only used to lure people to register with Centument Limited in order to deprive them of their funds and at the end never make the promised amount.
  2. Centument Project 2.0 is fool proof and has no back door to hackers. This is to say than nobody can temper with your account. He attribute this to the fusion of Artificial Intelligence of the system. No binary machine is ever 100% efficient. Here there is exaggerations of the abilities of the system just to attract people to register.
  • He boasts of having the most talented mathematicians, engineers, programmers and hackers at his disposal and the whooping 800000 dollars he spent to pay them during the development phase of the system. Here he is trying to show us how serious and determined he was to make the corrective measure to the first version of his software, he is also saying that he felt violated and robbed by the hackers who changed the algorithm and stole the clients’ money. If he really felt violated and robbed he would have refunded the clients’ money. Nowhere in his review has he bragged of refunding the stolen money.
  1. Centument Project 2.0 system scam was internally tested for two months and the results were positive. He brags that he won all transactions and made crazy profits, in his review he says that no programme in the history of man has ever won all the transactions. When one hears this he may be convinced to download the programme and start trading with the scamming company, no such thing as 100% win exists especially among binary coded softwares.
  2. The presentation in the highly talks of the efficiency of the system enhanced by the AI integrated in the programme. It is can never make any lose no matter how close it comes to it always changes it into a profit. This is mere talk. Arguing that if you invest with Centument Project 2.0 system scam the only thing you can ever hope for and achieve at the end is profit and success in your every aspect. How is it possible to only make profits no matter the situation especially with the fluctuation in the world trade?
  3. He makes himself seen as having benefitted with Centument Limited scam. He gives the testimony of how he quit his day job which was tiresome and became a millionaire within a short period. He also brags about his wealthy friends who send invitations to people via email. He wants you to view yourself as one of his wealthy friends, I bet it is his best shot to make you fall for his scam. Don’t, you don’t want to lose the money you have or lose any other money if you lost some with the first version of the Centument Limited scam system.
  • Finally, in the presentation Gerald Reed says that the opportunity is open to all. You don’t have to have experience and you can start with very little capital. The system will do the magic of making you wealthy. The superstar trader and a software developer scam is said in the introduction phase that it is very controversial and will be removed soon so you listen very carefully. So he wants you to start with the little money you have even without knowledge of using the computer. How can this really work, no knowledge needed? Seriously? Then I bet no knowledge is needed to throw money to this scam.

Proof that Centument Project 2.0 is a scam

The following reasons label Centument Project 2.0 a scam

Just before Gerald Reed is introduced to the presentation and talk about how rich you will become if you consider investing in Centument Limited scam system the person says that the review is controversial and will be pulled down soon. Why should it be pulled down soon if it talks about a legitimate Company?

Centument Project 2 Review

As we go through the Centument presentation we hear from Gerald that the system now has a 100% ITM rate which is a complete lie and absolutely impossible. Even the top traders in the world all lose trades sometimes.


There is no contact information about the company making it impossible to communicate with them. No Facebook page, no twitter handle or any other way to get to them. This makes Gerald and his team cyber criminals for they leave no trace behind.

Conclusion from Centument Project Review

How does it feel to lose your hard earned money to a person on the other end of the line? A company that has no contact information, a company that uses images of other people and organisations from the internet to convince you that it is legitimate? This is what will happen if you invest your money with the Centument Scam as these scammers are just out to steal your money just like other recent scams I review – Insured Trading & Prizm Tech

Verdict: Gerald Reed is back to steal your money again with The Centument Project 2.0 Scam – AVOID!

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