CFD Society Scam Review Exposes Chris Chase

CFD Society review exposes the truth about the CFD Society Scam

CFD Society software is one that was introduced recently. They promise you that you will be making $60 k every year and all this is as a result of at least 20 minutes. Of course this sounds to be too good to be true and so we launched our investigations only to find out that the endgame here is a scam.

CEO: Chris Chase
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Results from CFD Society Review

CFD simply means contract for difference. This is another common trading method but it is derivative. This means that you are able to speculate what will happen in the market. This is of course a contract between  two parties namely buyer and seller.

The seller pays the buyer the difference retrieved from an assets current value and an assets value during the contract time. Well if there is a negative then the buyer is the one who is stuck with the bill. So it is up to the trader to take advantage of the situation. It should be noted that long positions are only available when prices are going up but when prices go down the positions are shorter. It should also be made clear that there are underlying financial instruments involved.

The CFD system according to Chase is a trading system that signals traders allowing them to make an extra $60,000 annually. Question is that while viewing the video presentation, they promise that you will be making an extra $11k per month. Do the math, $11k x 12 months does not add up to 60k. According to Chase their system is a high powered one and has accurate algorithms therefore showing assets that have the best winning profits and you are the one to decide if you are trading or not. This of course is one huge lie.

According to the video presenter, CFD society have been in business for the past 3 years. During this time period they have enabled 200 members make more than $20 million. This is actually false advertising. A search on Whois. Com reveals that the CDF Society site was registered on 18th January 2017. So where why they trading three years before. Talk of scripted lies.

You should know that it is impossible to trade when your credentials are not legit. How can you talk about real money, engage with banks using aliases. Who the hell makes a million dollars with a mere deposit of $250.

As for the testimonials you see on the website they have been duplicated. The images and the names have been falsified. Thanks to the internet. The photos used belong to innocent people who are not aware that they are being used to market a scam. The video testimonials are from actors who have been paid to tell tales.

An accuracy ratio of 97% is another smoking gun. First all trading experts would not support this claim. Secondly in the video there is a demonstration showing 122 trades that win and 4 that lose in a month! These guys are not truthful at all. Once you deposit money with Chase and his rogue team of brokers then you should know they are free to do with it as they wish. You should also know that it is impossible to withdraw your money whenever you want.

Who is Chris Chase?

In the video presentation or should we say in the slideshow we do not see the actual Chris Chase. All we have is the image of a man and a voice claiming to be Chase. This is quite contradictory for someone who has been featured on Forbes, Fortune and Bloomberg. How can they be faceless? We searched all over the internet and he did not pop up anywhere not even in those magazines that he is said to have featured in. The only place I found him was on a stock image website as he is just a stock image model that anyone can buy

Is CFD a Scam?

The signs are too blatant. This is a scam and the scammers did not try too hard to ensure that you deposit money with them. This review took a good look at every aspect of the CFD system and it failed totally. Other scams to avoid – Vena System, Rubix Project and Intellix System

Conclusion from CFD Society Review

CFD Society could be the newest scam kid on the block, something which they deny. There is just too much uncertainty and red flags. Things just don’t add. Your money is not a toy that you play with. You need to invest it in something tried and tested by real people not people paid to say this case just put your money to other use but now with CFD.

Verdict: CFD Society is a scam you should avoid unless you want to lose your money

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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