Cloud Track Trader Review Exposes the James Christian SCAM!

Cloud Track Trader review exposes the truth about the Cloud Track Trader Scam

Cloud Track Trader is a auto-trading software being marketed in the Binary Options market, which the founder and CEO James Christian is tailoring to appear as new, but this is indeed a recycled scam of its precedents including GPS Trader, Terabit Trader and a number of others. Therefore, do not be fooled to believing that Cloud Track Trader is anything new in the market, it is just a revised version of a former scam, only that it comes in a new name this time round.

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Results from Cloud Track Trader Review

We have done an in-depth scrutiny of the Cloud Track Trader and found out that this is nothing close to a legit system, it is rather a scam which has been creatively schemed by bogus people to prompt you invest your money and give them the advantage. The self-proclaimed creator and CEO of this scam promises you a Zero Loss profit generation from using this software.

Saying that the software has upheld a 100% profit-making spree since 2014 is a naked lie. Our research shows that the domain of this site indicates that the said site was generated on August this year, only two months ago. Again, this is one thing any well-experienced binary trader will tell you is beyond possibility. These are apparent fabricated lies to drag you close to the trap and have you register and throw your hard-earned money into a bottomless pit.

Then there is the issue of striking fortune by making astounding profits. This scammer brags about how his software can help you make up to a total of $1250 a day, which brings him to the light as a scammer using any bit of tactics he can to convince you. Making such amount with a well-established binary trader is hard enough.

What should make you even more sceptical is the fact that in the whole 18 minutes that the presentation video runs there is no any explanation of how the said software works. What we are told about is all the profits the software can make, its speed, and the efforts put in developing.

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When it comes to discerning rogue Binary Trading scams, the testimonials always give them away. This scam’s testimonials are no exception. Peeping closely at the statistics that traders are said to make, you will notice that different traders from different parts of the world are make similar amount of profit. How come that almost all these people are making exact amounts? Such precision cannot be achieved regardless of the perfection any software is bound to have. These figures should be variable.

cloud track trader Review

Who is James Christian?

cloud track trader CEO

James Christian is the founder and CEO of Cloud Track Trader, who is fabricating lies about the speed of his software, and how it can beat all others in the market to give you uncompromising profits. He goes ahead to claim that they are working on the software to make it even faster. Which begs the question, if at its current “speed” it can offer Zero loss, what is the point of making it even faster?

Is Cloud Track Trader a Scam?

Yes, Cloud Track Trader is a scam, I can bet that by now you agree with me that this is nothing than a bunch of fabricated lies to convince you that this is a reliable and genuine software, whereas there is no any tangible proof to support the claim. Lies that appear disguised with false promises in this scam justify that it is a real scam, just like its former form of the GPS trader. We can thus conclude beyond any reasonable doubt that Cloud Track Trader is a scam. Other major scams we seen recently are Automata Formula and The Orion Code.

Conclusion from Cloud Track Trader Review

Trading in Binary options may be a promising endeavour, and a reliable one. However, when it comes to Cloud Track Trader, keeping distance is all you can do to stay safe. This review has proved to you the wicked scheme behind this scheme. Whatever you may have kept aside to trade online, just don’t try and register with this system. Making an investment with the hope of making a profit, only to end up disappointed is the last thing any one would think of, so if you happen to make a slight mistake and invest your finances here, just know you are in for a well major loss of your money and time.

Verdict: Cloud Track Trader is a scam and should be avoided at all costs

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