Cloud Trader Unbiased Review: Nasty Scam Exposed!!

In this official scam review, I will prove that Cloud Trader is a nasty scam. The software was released juts a few days ago. The CEO of this binary options service is introduced as Mathew Shepherd. The new auto trader is allegedly designed to enable traders earn at least $1,250 USD per day on full autopilot mode without the need for lifting even a finger. I know this may sound very enticing for anyone intending to invest in the binary options trading industry, but I want to warn whoever is reading this review that the Cloud Trader is a scam. Read on for Concrete Proof!

CEO: Mathew Shepherd
Official site:

Cloud Trader Scam

First Impressions from My Cloud Trader Scam Review

I must say the website that is hosting this software is so lame and it instantly presents Cloud Trader as a scam. If you have some experience with binary trading software, it won’t take you long to figure out that Cloud Trader is push button software. It is designed to allow you to simply sign up to fund a broker account and set the account to autopilot. However, you will lose all your money in a few days because the people running this scam are specifically intent on taking your $250. Of course that is not what Mathew Shepherd will say in the video presentation that is supposed be a sales pitch for the Cloud Trader App.

 What the Cloud Trader Scam Promises

There are numerous unfounded claims and empty promises that are presented through this app, which shows that Cloud Trader is a scam by all means. In the video presentation, Mr. Shepherd claims that once you join the service and become a member, you can make at least $1,250 USD per day even if you are a newbie to the binary options trading world, or you don’t have the slightest clue about the workings in the financial markets. He also alleges that the Cloud Trader software has recorded a 100% trading win record since it was released on December 2012 and has never lost a single trade.

I know how all these may sound lucrative to a potential trader, but I will demonstrate to you that all these claims and promises are total BS. First of all, there is nothing like a 100% winning record or even the so-called “100% ITM Performance”. There’s nothing like that in the binary options trading niche, or in forex trading, or even the financial world. Any experienced trader understands the fact that loses come as a part of the package and without loses no trader will be able to make any profits either. All these claims and promises are based on lies and misleading information.

My Findings that Show Cloud Trader is a Scam

There’s insurmountable evidence to prove that Cloud Trader is a scam. Let’s start with the lies presented by the alleged CEO of the software. He claims that Cloud Trader is a registered company that was incorporated in December 2012. According to my investigations on the website, the website that is hosting the Cloud Trader app and the domain name were originally registered on the 3rd of March, 2016, exactly 14 days ago, which doesn’t really add up and only goes to show that this software is based on plain lies and a lot of misleading information. The guy even goes further to claim that he has since managed to get 1,231 member traders to use the app. Check out the whois link here –

As you will see in my video all of the testimonials are fake and use stolen images. They even use the same image twice and give the woman a different name each time.. How stupid even for scammers.

Besides presenting lies and misleading information about the age or track record of Cloud Trader, I also found that the guy claiming to be the CEO is a fake. I could not find any information about anyone named Mathew Shepherd anywhere. There’s no mention of him on any financial websites and he is not even on any social media pages. In fact I could not find any information linking anyone named Mathew Shepherd with the binary options niche. It shows that the guys behind this software are deliberately hiding the app and their identities, and it’s with good reason I suppose. I don’t see why anyone with such an awesome trading app wouldn’t want to openly show the whole world how amazing his system is. These guys are doing the exact opposite and this is typical cover up for the Cloud Trader scam. I am sure even the identities of the alleged members displayed on the photos on the website are not real and they were only stolen from the internet.

Cloud Trader Scam Review Conclusion

Overall, I have no doubt that Cloud Trader is a scam. The guy presenting this scam is using fake names and identities to promote the scam. They are also using lies and misleading information to promote the scam. Nothing is genuine about this app and this is one of the lowest and nastiest of scams I have so far come across in my long experience reviewing such internet scams.

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