Cogni Trader Review exposes Cameron Doyle SCAM!

Cogni Trader Review exposes the Truth about the Cogni Trader Scam

Another binary trading system is out to steal from you. Cogni Trader was launched recently by a scammer who is promising so much just to get your attention. Don’t give him a minute of your time, instead read our extensive and detailed review on how the scammer together with his fishy team are planning to steal from you. Read on and get to know the many lies and empty promises he is making just to have you register. Don’t fall for his trap you will regret later read our review and enjoy your hard earned money.

CEO: Cameron Doyle

Official Site:

Results from Cogni Trader Scam

We wonder where on earth one could ever get what the system promises. Unfortunately the sad answer is nowhere.

The presenter in the video is telling you that you will be making $1,500 daily for the rest of your days. Let’s get things right, first the profits you make depend on your initial deposit which is normally between $200 and $250, how is it possible to regenerate the mentioned profits from the initial deposit in a single day? This makes the system fishy. Again genuine bot robots can make a maximum of $800 in a day and sometimes lesser. Don’t venture into depositing with the application.

The software is said to be risk free. This is to say is you invest with it you are guaranteed a profit. This is not true in any way. The application is a system just like the rest saying it is risk free is overrating it. At times bot systems win and at other times it loses. Don’t be blinded by the fake guarantees. It is a trick don’t fall for it and deposit your money, it will vanish within seconds.

You are advised that the software uses cognitive computing technology. This will automatically give you the chance to receive your fair cut from the reserves of $5 trillion traded daily. Who is that giving away money automatically? Don’t be lured by this dirty trick. All the people behind the video want is you to deposit money then do away with it for there are no reserves of $5 trillion.

Who is CEO Cameron Doyle?

Cogni Trader Scam

He is an actor working for the scammers behind the video. He has never worked for IBM neither has he been an engineer. He is using these big titles and company to have your attention. Now that you have his attention don’t dare believe him. He wants your money.

He has no shame in calling himself what he is not. If he was a CEO by now the entire universe would have known him. He would be all over the internet and luxurious magazines, TV shows, radio shows and business forums but the opposite is true. He is nowhere to be found because he is not a CEO. Stay away from this guy and retain your peace of mind and financial reserves.

Is Cogni Trader a Scam?

Yes it is. It is clear and doesn’t need a brainer to establish this. The proofs are all over the video presentation and the website.

You are told that you don’t need any previous experience when trading with the app. It is very simple to use and has the autopilot mode option. This is a lie to keep you hooked to the software. To at least make profits from a genuine bot system you need to supervise it.

Cogni Trader Review

No application can work in autopilot mode and make the hilarious amount stated. $1,500 in a single day for the rest of your days in the autopilot mode? No way this is an old marketing trick don’t fall for it.

Cameron’s system has been up and running for quite some time now but gives a different story. The domain name checker indicates that the application was launched on 2nd November 2016. This makes the trades transacted before the date a fabrication.

Cogni Trader Testimonial

Cogni Trader Results

We meet with fake testimonials. The first one is a woman claiming to make a maximum of $13,000 in a day. The second one is a man who claims for the past week he made a total of $74,000. Again it is impossible to make such money in a day or a week respectively using a bot system. Be warned and don’t believe any word from the fake testimonials.

Conclusion from Cogni Trader Scam?

Working with the application is of no use for it will vanish with your money. You can never get the money back for there is no contact information on how to get the alleged CEO or any of the beneficiaries. Stay away and be safe. Others to void are Hexa Trader, 10k EveryDay and HFT Finance.

Verdict: Cogni Trader is a scam that must not be tried

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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