Copy Profit Share Review – Is Nenad Neno Korof CPS a Scam?

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The system I am looking at today is Copy Profit Share 3.0 (CPS 3.0) which has been released by Nenad Korof or as he is also know Neno Korof. The main intro video at the minute is on a site called My Forex Lifestyle which shows a video shot by Rey Dinero Alecio a very well known online marketer who interviews Neno to see if he is a fraud and if this whole Forex and binary education system is the real deal or just another scam to be added to my list.

Official Site:
CEO: Nenad Neno Korof

Results From my Copy Profit Share Review

After doing alot of looking into Copy Profit Share I do have to admit that I like what I see. As I always give all the facts yes there are some negative things out there online but anyone that knows me knows that I always have to check things out for myself so I did. I paid and signed up to check out everything they offered and I have done a full walk-through of that in my video review up above. I also dig into the products a bit more down below. On the few negative things I found they do all seem to be about the first version of Copy Profit Share which was only a basic Binary Options package and from what I have seen first hand in Copy Profit Share 3.0 things have come along way since then and even the people who weren’t impressed with version 1.0 in 2015 would be very impressed now if they checked it out.

Copy Profit Share Products

In my first review video which is up further on this page you will see me walk through the back office which shows all of the products I’m about to talk about in detail. The products on offer range from binary and Forex training to live trading sessions and a 24/5 signal stream service. These are all included in your main membership which you can currently grab for $1 for your first month.

CPS 3.0 Training

Binary Options Trading Courses

This section on the site consists of the basics of binary options and includes a strategy that you can use to trade in your own day to day trading. There are also videos in this part to show you how to follow the live trading webinars which are done every day during the week. Other topics in this section include money management, how to compound and support and resistance which is something you should definitely check out as S & R can be used in all types of trading

Forex Trading Courses

This section contains a very comprehensive Forex trading course ranging from the strategy that Neno uses to diving into what each of the indicators are that he uses and also expands into other popular trading indicators to give you the complete story. There is also the expert course then that goes on to talk about risk management, trading styles and different types of candles like Heiken Ashi candles. This course alone offers a huge amount of material and value.

MLM Training

In this course you will find out how you can develop the marketing side of this business as there is a very lucrative comp plan for that side if you decide to grow it as well. With the marketing side once you refer 3 people you then have your membership for free as well as you start earning a side income which I will explain further down.

Live Trading Webinars

Every weekday there are 4 live trading webinars. These are live trading sessions where either Neno or one of his professional traders jump on a live webinar and share their screen with you where you can see them take trades live which you can also copy on your own broker. Having a strategy or training is great but you really can’t beat been able to watch a professional trader take trades live in front of you and you can also take the trades on your own broker at the same time. The 4 sessions each day are broken up into 1 Binary session in English, 1 Binary Session in Spanish, 1 Forex session in Spanish and finally 1 Forex session in English.

Binary Room – Live Signal Stream

This section is one of my favorites as it is a live stream where you can watch the charts in your CPS back office and signals pop up in the form of arrows. Make sure you check out my review video further up in this post to see how the live signal stream works. This means that you can log on 24 hours a day and wait for the signals to be automatically called by the EA that has been developed by Copy Profit Share and then just execute the trade on your own broker. I will also do some further videos on this of me taking trades on the live stream too.

Copy Profit Share Signal Stream

Advanced Training

There is also the option to apply to have one on one training with Neno but this is an addition addon that I wont be using as everything else they offer is more than enough.

CPS Matrix Autotrader

Copy Profit Share will also be offering an autotrader for Forex but as I write this CPS review it isn’t available to the public. This wont be like the scam binary options autotraders that we have seen in the past as it is based on Forex so I will be testing it out when it goes live and I will report back to you here.

Business Opportunity in Copy Profit Share

I did leave this part until last as I don’t want people to overlook the actual product that CPS is offering as they really do have a quality education product on offer here.

There is a complete business opportunity built into CPS 3.0 and if recruiting is something you like then yes you can also make alot of money in this as well as from the trading education and live sessions that are on offer. What I like about the way this is all set up is that they are up front that their is an affiliate side to the business. Whether you know it or not the big big majority of things you buy online are been promoted by affiliates and their is a good chance that everything you buy someone somewhere gets a commission. With CPS the first step is to get your first 3 referrals and then your membership is completely free.

Copy Profit Share Compensation Plan

There are a few tiers to the compensation plan which is a hybrid of a matrix and a placement uni level. For people that have never been involved in either of these types of plans I will shoot a detailed video very soon to explain it all.

Below is a quick outline of the plan but feel free to message me if you have any questions on any of it.

Fast Start Bonus For every person you introduce you will earn a signup bonus of $25 which is paid weekly

Rank Income / Incentives As you achieve ranks in CPS you will qualify for monthly rank income. The way to rank up is to have more people in your downline and one aspect I really like is that I will be able to place members I personally recruit under others in my team to help them earn and rank up. With 3 personally sponsored people you achieve CPS Generator rank and your membership is then free, when each of them 3 get 3 or you place 3 under each of them you are then earning $500 every month and them first 3 then have their membership for free. It only grows from there. See the charts below for the ranks and what is needed for each.

Copy Profit Share Compensation Plan

Matrix Income The Matrix is a 3 x 9 forced matrix so this means that you can only have 3 people on your first level, the first level of the 3 people on your first level is your second so you have 9 on that level. Say I enroll 4 people in my first day the first 3 go on my first level and then the 4th person goes on my level 2 under the first person who joined me, I like this idea as it means that someone like me who can recruit alot of people can help build an addition income for my team that join under me. For every person in your matrix you earn $3 whether you recruited them or not.

Conclusion on Copy Profit Share Review

From everything I have seen this is a system I really like the look of and I will be posting alot more updates as I go through more of the training and also attend more of the live trading sessions. With the combination of the trading education and the optional built in business you can decide to promote this could be a system that can really change your financial future. I like that to get promoted in the business side you need to help your team grow so that is good for everyone who joins.

If you want to grab your spot for only $1 then go through the link below and get started now. As my own personal team grows I will be helping put members under everyone in my team and to be fair about it I will be working from the top down and helping the people that join first to grow at get them to the free membership level so there is a big advantage to been in the first few.

Copy Profit Share Join Now

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out and let me know.

Also let me know when you get signed up so I can help get you started.

The video Below walks through how to get signed up for $1

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