Daily Trader Club by Stephen Gilbert is a Poisonous Scam!!

Daily Trader Club, an over the top binary trading system is yet another new and viral system promising life full of riches and unrivaled lifestyle. If you are thinking of investing your money in this trading app please proceed with caution because what I have uncovered about this system will shock you. Read my honest and unbiased review below

CEO: Mr. Stephen Gilbert
Official website: dailytraderclub.co

Just like other binary trading scams, on visiting the official page of Daily Trader Club, the CEO welcomes you with the usual hype of how he has generated millions for his beta testers and himself through his system .After going through the video presentation I was able to uncover several things that prove Daily Trader Club is another poisonous scam designed to lure day and amateur traders to deposit $250 which they will never refund.

Proof that Daily Trader Club is a bogus scam

Let me begin with the alleged CEO of Daily Trader Club, a Mr. Stephen Gilbert, who boasts of making millions of dollars for his beta testers. Without a doubt Mr. Gilbert is a fake who is part of this dangerous scam. Immediately I finalized watching his dubious presentation I decided to check more details about him on the internet and what came out was shocking. The two images shown on the sales video (Mr. Gilbert and his wife) are fake. They are a shutter stock image and can be seen here. All the other images/pictures of the testimonials and beta testers found on their misleading website are also fake and stolen for the purposes of this evil scheme.

Check out my Video Review on Daily Trader Club Below

According to the CEO, this system is presently winning trades at over 90% of the time-a rate he claims is unrivaled by other binary trading bots out there. What does this mean, 90 % of the time?  How does he measure this?  What are the denominator and numerator in this equation? Most importantly, where is the real ANNUALIZED RETURN coming from this app during various time frames?  That’s what I would like to know, and they’ have been deliberately omitted from the sales video. Obviously this guy doesn’t know anything about binary trading and the factors that influence it. In addition there is nothing like “no risk trades “in the world of the binary trading market too. Expert and independent traders alike agree that there is no chance of 100% success rate not in the automated methods or manual tactics

Another piece of information that I really found to be deceptive is the use of snapshots revealing some of the successful beta testers/day traders who have been featured in major news sites such as CNN money. Now pay a little more attention here because all this piece of crap has been photo shopped to make you believe that these results are real  and endorsed by major news brand and therefore you will find the same success when your deposit your money with the system.

When I tried searching Stephen Gilbert or Dailytraderclub.co I absolutely found nothing. I’m convinced this ex-petroleum engineering expert is just another cheap actor who sold his soul in return for this evil acting scheme Again assuming this news dates were real why are they backdated to 2015 considering the domain for this website was only registered in March 2016?

Even what raises more suspicion is the whereabouts of all these traders making tonnes of dollars daily with this system. How come not even one made a single comment or review anywhere on the internet? The Facebook testimonials found on the official website are not clickable. Does this not raise more credibility and legitimacy of the system considering it was just launched the other day?

My conclusion on The Daily Trader Club Review

From the fake image and stolen identity of Stephen Gilbert, fake indentifies of beta testers and day traders, non-existent endorsements from CNN money and misleading claims I have no doubt that the Daily Trader Club is a bogus scam. The people behind Daily Trader Club are scammers, thieves and charlatans out to scam you of your hard earned money. Keep your hands off it!!!

Verdict: Daily Trader Club by Stephen Gilbert is a poisonous scam!!!

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