Dascoin Review – Is Dascoin and Netleaders the Real deal?

Update 30/05/2018: I get alot of questions on Dascoin and my latest thoughts so here it is. Since my original review Dascoin have launched on public exchanges but I was very disappointed with the ones they launched on as they were very small with very little volume. This has turned some people off Dascoin and the price did tumble after the big launch event in April where these were announced. I wasn’t at the event but was watching it live and I was impressed with some of the companies that were speaking and talking about launching on the Dascoin platform but then they announced the exchanges and this was a big down point as up to that I had been getting excited about the companies coming on board.

Daspay which is been developed by Carta Worldwide is still on track and is meant to be launched in beta the end of June which can still be very big for Dascoin if they get that right. I am still holding my coins and have not sold yet as I think it will go back up but right now I would not recommend anyone buying a licence for the purpose of getting coins as it is alot cheaper to just buy the coins on one of the public exchanges like CoinFalcon. The only exception to this is if you are buying the top licence then it is cheaper to buy the licence but if you are doing this make sure you do alot of research first and know exactly what you are getting into.

In summary I think we will see the price going up again once Daspay comes out and other coins start launching on the Dascoin eco system but personally I would like to see them drop the MLM compensation plan and let the project stand on its own feet. Right now too many people just see it as an MLM coin and people in the crypto space don’t take it serious. They could keep a 1 level affiliate commission for selling licences if they want but if they dropped the mlm plan then I think they will do alot better long term.


Today I am doing a Dascoin Review which is a cryptocurrency produced by a fintech company called Netleaders. It is been labeled as the currency of trust and in this review I will give my opinion on whether Dascoin can really be the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream. If you are not sure what cryptocurrencies are then my advise would be to look into them as I believe they will play a big part in everyone’s life in the future. One place to start if you are new is my Cryptocurrency 101 post which covers all of the basics.

CEO: Michael Matias
Website: NetLeaders.com
Product: Cryptocurrency that includes smart contracts
Cost: Licences from €100 to €25,000

Results From My Detailed Dascoin Review

Before I go into this review I want to be fully transparent as always and say that I do own a few Dascoin licences and I have heavily invested in this cryptocurrency and technology as I do believe it has huge potential. I shouldn’t use the term invest as legally putting money into cryptocurrencies isn’t classed as investing due to current regulation but it is only a matter of time before that changes and they will be classed as investments.

What is Dascoin?

Dascoin is a cryptocurrency that is aiming to become the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream. By mainstream that means be accepted worldwide as a currency and they do have some interesting angles to make that a real possibility. Dascoin combines the best characteristics of both decentralized and centralized cryptocurrencies without having major drawbacks. Decentralized all sounds great having absolutely everything anonymous but in reality as much as we mightn’t like it for cryptocurrencies to be accepted by governments and go mainstream there will have to be an aspect of accountability and Dascoin gives that with their hybrid state-of-the-art encryption and KYC authentication services to create a highly secure decentralized global network . All transactions are anonymous but every coin can be tracked as every user is registered using KYC.

On a security side Dascoin will also use hardware wallets which are the most secure way to store your coins and they cannot be hacked like alot of online wallets which are common with Bitcoin and altcoins.

Some Dascoin Features:

  • Authenticated Network – Fully authenticated network of users using the bank standard Know Your Client (KYC)
  • Greater Utility – Daspay will allow Dascoin to be accepted in over 60 millions outlets eg your local shop. Dascoin also offers smart contracts and many other features.
  • Better Performance – One of the fastest block chains at only 6 seconds to confirm a transaction
  • Enhanced Security – With the combination of the hardware wallet and KYC makes Dascoin extremely secure
  • Greater Liquidity – Dascoin will be traded on multiple exchanges as well as MT4 which will bring huge liquidity

Dascoin Review

What is Daspay

Daspay is the payment solution that is the big silver bullet for Dascoin and it is the solution that will allow Dascoin to be accepted in over 60 million merchants through VISA and MasterCard network which is something that no other cryptocurrency has. This will be a system similar to Apple pay and the same team that built the Apple Pay system are doing the same for Dascoin. This technology requires no change to existing POS terminals which means that DasPay is one of the key reasons Dascoin will become mainstream.

Does Dascoin Have a Whitepaper?

Yes Dascoin has a whitepaper and for anyone not familiar with what a whitepaper is when it comes to a cryptocurrency it is basically a document outlining what they offer and gives some insight into how their technology and systems work. You can check out the Dascoin White Paper here.

Who Are NetLeaders?

Netleaders is the overall company that is responsible for Dascoin and is a registered under the name CL Singapore Pte. Ltd in Singapore.

The leadership behind Dascoin and Netleaders are made up of a group of individuals that bring together years of global experience in fintech, innovation and business management to ensure Dascoin goes to the forefront of digital currencies and remains there. The top board of directors consists of Michael Mathias the CEO, Terry O’Hearn, Soon Hock Lim (former Compaq CEO) and Eberhard Wedekind (former Volvo CEO).

MIchael Mathias Dascoin CEO

Soon Hock Lim Dascoin

Terry OHearn Dascoin

Ederhard Wedekind Dascoin

How does Dascoin Compare to Bitcoin

I am big fan of Bitcoin as well and most people who have heard of cryptocurrency have heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin offers a monetary solution whereas Dascoin offers the monetary aspect as well as smart contracts and mush more.

The below comparison was done by Long Finance which is a financial comparison company in London

How to Buy Dascoins

Currently the only way to get Dascoin is by buying licences and they range from €100 up to €25000. I got my first licence back in October 2016 and I now own a €100, €500, €2000 and €5,000 Licence. You can buy your licence from Netleaders through this link which is my own personal link ->

Dascoin Licences

What Exchange is Dascoin on?

Currently Dascoin is traded on an internal / Blockchain exchange which I walk through in the video below. If you have any questions on it just let me know in the comments below or reach out to me privately. Dascoin is set to trade on a public exchange from the 31st of March 2018.

DasCoin Business Opportunity

There is also an affiliate side to Dascoin where they utilize an MLM style marketing system to help spread the word about their technology. Some Cryptocurrency companies go the ICO route to raise money but NetLeaders have opted for an MLM compensation plan which allows anyone who becomes an advocate to earn money while they wait for the value of their coins to rise.

To earn money from the DasCoin compensation plan you need to become an advocate which is a one time €45. The comp plan works off a binary structure which basically you have 2 legs under you. There are 3 parts to the compensation which are outlined below.

  • Direct Sales Bonus

This pays 10% on all your direct sales of NetLeaders licenses.

  • Network Bonus

This pays 10% on the weak leg volume in your binary matrix.

The 10% from the Direct Sales and Network Bonus is split into 6% commission paid to your Cash Account which you can withdraw any time and 4% incentive deposited to Reserve Account which is converted into cycles and submitted to the network to give you more Dascoins.

  • Matching Bonus

This bonus pays 10 – 30% and is paid on up to 5 Enrollment Levels of Network Bonuses of your own referrals.

There is no requirement to qualify for the direct sales bonus but for the Network and Matching Bonus you need at least €500 Direct Sales on Left leg and €500 in Direct Sales on your right leg.

If you have any questions about this then reach out to me at any time and I can walk you through it.

Conclusion on Dascoin Review

As cryptocurrency gets bigger and bigger I keep hearing if you put $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 you would be a multiple millionaire now just from letting it grow. Is Dascoin the next Bitcoin? Noone knows but to me it has the potential and that is why I have put so much into it. I do not want to look back and think why didn’t I take the chance.

If things don’t work how I want them too I can always earn more money but I cant turn back time and get in at this early stage ever again.

To purchase your licence you can click the button below and reach out to me for anything you need.

Once you have your licence message me so I can get you added to all the update groups so you always have the latest info


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