Disrupt Trading Review – SCAM Software by Greg Hardman

Scam review: Disrupt trading by Greg is a disruptive scam that needs to be avoid. Proof below

The Disrupt trading software by Greg Hardman is a fresh and viral trading app that claims to disrupt the way you do binary trading but the sad truth is that it is packed with bizarre rants, Fiverr actors and outright lies. In my through Disrupt trading review I have uncovered several scam features that confirm we are dealing with a very disturbing and disruptive auto-trading scam.

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CEO / Actor / Spokesperson: Greg Hardman

The storyline goes that he was a simple man who discovered a loophole in the stock market while working in Wall Street and used that small error for his own gain. Now that he has sharpened and coded this loophole in his software he feels he has  an obligation to let in a few lucky people to use it and make at least $12k daily guaranteed. Curiously throughout the whole presentation Greg does not show us how his software looks like or how it works. In addition his claim that his software is free is false. In order for you to gain access and trade with this shady software, you will have to fund at least $250 which will get depleted very fast plus your account may be blocked anytime. Likewise his wild rant that his bogus software has a 100 win ratio makes me wonder if this moron is mentally ill. We all know that even the best and most sophisticated binary trading apps can’t achieve such win rates. I see nothing but a shoddy algorithm coded in such away it will steal from you

Results From My Disrupt Trading Review

Let start with this guy, Greg Hardman, a man who looks dangerously incoherent, temperamentally unfit and a dim wit. With all his binary success and software programming prowess nobody knows about him. If indeed he worked at the Wall Street he could have given us a name, a company that he could have worked with but he deliberately leaves that out to avoid being found out. A quick search on the internet does not bring any info about him let alone social media presence. For all I care, Greg is an eyesore and cheaply paid Fiverr actor who sells his soul for measly $5.

Disrupt Trading Fake Actor

I have to say I’m not convinced by his torrent of rehearsed one-liners and zingers as these are meant to seduce you into signing up. His series of unfounded claims that you can make at least daily are baseless, mischievous, frivolous, false and outright horse manure. Let no one cheat you that you will make that kind of money daily from binary trading. With all his wealth of trading experience I was expecting Greg to warn new traders and potential investors that binary trading is not for the faint hearted and that it’s awash with risks but instead he keeps telling us how brilliant his Disrupt Trading Scam is.

After a quick search on the so called live testimonials from happy Disrupt Trading members I found that all of the images are stolen and the developers behind this scam just gave them fake names and random numbers and good words below the images. Check out the screenshot below that I put together.

Disrupt Trading Scam

If you have been in the industry for some time, you should have come across a trading app christened Trend Trading app which promised heavens but ended up fleecing people. Well after registering with the trend trading app using a dummy email I was taken to another video pop up with disrupt trading labeled on it. On a closer look  I discovered the video used in the trend trading app is also the same video used in the disrupt trading app further confirming that Greg Hardman could not have coded Disrupt Trading software. As a matter of fact his system is a rehashed copy of Trend Trading app. It also shows how incompetent, Mr. Greg is and further proves his scheme is nothing but a con job

Conclusion From my Disrupt Trading Review

The Disrupt trading app is a total joke that is filled with misleading claims, question marks, lack of proof and fiver actors. I know the whole production is filled with mansions, expensive cars, and expensive wines (minus the odd jet) but the sad truth is the Disrupt trading software will bleed you to death. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy system then disrupt trading app is not recommended. If you are interested in Binary Options then check out my tried and tested systems in my recommended signal services list

Verdict: Disrupt Trading Software by a clueless Greg Hardman is terrible scam

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