Dream Catcher Review proves its a BIG SCAM!

Dream Catcher Review exposes the Truth about the Dream Catcher Scam

Dream Catcher Software Scam should not surprise you by its big name, it is a scam just like many others. It uses the same approach as used by the previous scammers. Be warned of this and stay away from it. The alleged CEO is saying so much about this software. He goes on and says that it is 100% free, the only thing you need to do is download it. He also talks of unrealistic profits of $150,000 made by each of their clients last month. He is unrealistic and so pushy. Don’t believe a word about this application. It is all a big lie. No one has been a benefactor and neither will you.

CEO: Matthew Warner
Official Site: dream-catcher.co

Results from Dream Catcher Review

The alleged CEO, owner and creator of this fishy automated trading app is saying that he is looking for 15 random people from the world over to make them millionaires like himself. Mr. Matthew is trying to play tricks here. If he only needs 15 random people why look all over the world, he should get these people from Portland where he comes from. Looking for 15 people from a population of over 7 billion is not logical. This is a way of trying to push people to download his fake app and deposit with it. Don’t be convinced. He only wants your hard earned money not make you a millionaire. In addition, it is impossible to be a millionaire in such a short period of time using binary option trading.

He is promising each person who is going to accept his offer a sum of $4,250 each day forever. This is a catchy trap. It is totally impossible to make $4,250 in profits daily from binary trading option. The provided information is misleading because it is just unattainable in the financial market. Don’t even dare accept his offer. It is dubious and empty. He wants you to deposit your money in his system and do away with all of it. Be wise and stay away from his crap tricks for life.

From the website www.dream-catcher.co we see winning trades executed on the 1st of Saturday. This is a fogged win. Furthermore, no financial market works on the weekends. This win is totally impossible. He just manipulated the results unfortunately he is not smart enough to know that it was on a weekend. Be wise and avoid his fogged figures. It is impossible to trade when other financial markets are offline due to the fact that they are closed during the weekends.

Dream Catcher Review

Matthew claims that last month all of his 7000 active members made profits of $150,000 each and promises that you will reap big just like the rest of the members. From who.is, a domain checker we see that the site was opened on 28th of September 2016, it is barely a month old. So, how comes it has 7,000 active members who just made 150,000 each. This is too good to be true, so many members over such a short period of time? This is a clear indication that these members were cooked and no profits have been made.

On the website of this scam software we see faked testimonials. These are random images from Stock.com. Endorsers of this fishy software have manipulated these images to act as testimonials. The people on these image are unaware of how their images are used. This is a serious offence committed here. Be rest assured that no genuine person would endorse such an application knowingly. We warn you to stay away and not believe a single word from these faked testimonials. They are misleading and will result to the loss of your hard earned money.

Dream Catcher Scam

Who is the CEO Matthew Warner?

Dream Catcher CEO

Matthew Warner is just an actor. He was hired for a few dollars to lie. His bosses who are probably behind the scenes drafted for him his lying script. In addition, we searched for the name Matthew Warner on social media network. For sure he is famous, but only as a scammer not an existing CEO. We warn you to stay away from him and be rest assured that you will be safe with your money. He is a scammer only interested to steal your money.

Is the Dream Catcher Software a SCAM?

In my optinion yes it is a scam that you should avoid. Hopefully after this post you will also agree with me and the Binary Options Sheriff who also confirmed that this dream system is a scam.

” This is nothing but a rigged system to lure you into depositing your first capital, and then hopefully get you to deposit some more after that! The Dream Catcher goes straight to our Hall of Shame! ” – Binary Options Sheriff

Conclusion from Dream Catcher Review

From our detailed expose we conclude that the alleged CEO together with his system are all fake and should not be trusted. He had told so many lies. Cooked figures, faked testimonials, empty promises and a hired yacht. This is enough to convince you to stay away and not even dare deposit a single dime with this false application.

Verdict: Dream Catcher is a Scam just like Instant Cash Club, Auto Money Maker & Algo Master

I know the binary options scam list grows every day so you really need to be careful. I have found a few systems that have actually made me money and they are listed on my Trusted Systems along with all my results. If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to me on tradingwithpaul@gmail.com


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