Drexel Code SCAM ALERT: Honest Review!

Hi guys! Back to review another scam and this one today is The Drexel Code by Corry Drexel, or the actor calling himself Cory Drexel. Many people who are interested in the binary options trading business have been asking whether this is real or fake. I guess this is because many people do not believe in it. I’ve already been contacted by some people who have already lost some money, and in this review, I am going to provide evidence to show that Drexel Code is a scam.

Official Site: drexelcode.com
CEO: Cory Drexel

My First Impressions of the Drexel Code Scam

Decent looking front end site and when you opt in you will find a video of an actor talking more about the system, trying to convince you to deposit. You see there that the registration period is about to expire, but when you pause the video it magically pauses as well, so it’s just built into the video, and it’s going to be the same for every single person, which is a stupid sales tactic. In fact, this is a common feature with most of the scams I have reviewed in the past.

As you move down the page there is a place to register and it says spots are gone as I left the window open for 10 minutes, but I bet I could still register with the system if I wanted to lose my money. When you scroll down the page you see some of the supposed winning trades, and further down you see some pictures of some guys and their accounts. So you can verify their accounts, and to do that you click to verify and a tick pops up and shows that the account has been verified then it comes back. That just shows you that this is just a stupid system and it means nothing to say it is “verified”. And for your info who verified it in the first place!!!!

What the Drexel Code Scam Promises

Look, these are the signs that you should run away from an easy $345,000 lump some every single month. They actually claim that you can earn this. In the testimonials people are talking about earning $150,000 a week. These figures just don’t exist anywhere.  100% winning and no losses??? Every single system in the world loses, so even the top traders in the world lose. A system that wins 100% of the time is impossible in my opinion as you never know with the financial markets are going to turn. There’s nothing true about only 1 beta tester spots left… that is pure BS. I bet if you get on to the site, if you bother to waste your time looking at it there’s going to be more places left. That is just a PRESSURE sales tactic.

My Findings on the Drexel Code Scam Review

Most of the images of the guys claiming to be members or traders here have been used on many other scams in the past. You will find their photos under different names on various websites. One of the guys was used in another scam called the Aussie Method. Some of the photos have been stolen from Code My Reviews and Model System Reviews. You can see from these images that he has been on many places. Another guy has been on Automatic Profits and Triana soft. I think these guys are behind both of these scams. I have already done some reviews on these sites before. I think that is where they are stealing a lot of the images. Others are stock photos. When you do a search on the alleged users of the system you will find that the guys appear on a lot of sites, which confirms that they are using fake identities. Don’t believe anything these guys tell you. All the crazy claims about the huge amounts you can make with this system are all not genuine.

Conclusion on the Drexel Code Scam Review

As you can see there’s a lot of convincing evidence to show that Drexel Code is a scam. This should seal the lid on this stinking can of filth. I hope I have warned you enough. Don’t deposit your money with this system because you will definitely lose. There is nothing genuine about this new binary app, and everything about it is deceptive and misleading.

Verdict: The Drexel Code is nothing but a worthless SCAM!

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