Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Get The Truth about This Scam!

Dubai Lifestyle App Review exposes the Truth about the Dubai Lifestyle App Scam

Dubai lifestyle application is an online trading system as narrated in the presentation video. The application as we are told by the narrator works in money magician in money making. It is efficient and 99.8% accurate. In the video it is claimed that it can make $250 increase to $401 in just 30 minutes. The application is downloaded at no cost. This review about Dubai lifestyle application system is going to expose it for the scam it really is.

Official site:
CEO: Scott Hathaway

What Dubai Lifestyle App Promises

Scott Hathaway the self-proclaimed owner and the mind behind development of the application speaks a lot about the ability and efficiency of the application and gives the following false promises about his App to try and clear the name of his application from the scammer’s scandals just to make the viewers believe that he is legitimate. This is not the case since he never shows his face only narrates. I bet you can’t give money to an unknown guy unless you want to lose.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and no one should let it pass-by. There is a lot of unemployment out there, investing in the Scott Hathaway Dubai lifestyle application system is the most guaranteed way of making alot of money without any stress. Just invest with them then sit and wait for the application to do the necessary work of 100% profit making. No money is ever earned by just sitting and waiting, one has to work. In addition no system is that accurate and efficient to make profits all the time.

Scott Hathaway is promising that the money invested in Dubai lifestyle application will not be lost like in other scam applications instead it will be regenerated and within half an hour it would have earned a profit. Here Scott Hathaway is telling a plain lie and justifying his application. In the end all your money will be lost just like in the other scam applications.

Dubai Lifestyle App

In his narration he says that he had to interview the best programmers and coders to start the company. Here he is guaranteeing that the application was developed by gurus and there was no space for errors only perfection. Investing with the company will only give you profits due to the perfection in its architecture. The Dubai lifestyle application system review was developed in binary codes and by humans who err. There is no way the application can be that perfect, that’s a trick to convince you to give the company your money which will eventually disappear.

He spent a vast amount of time and money, six solid months and 190,000 dollars just to test the accuracy of the Dubai lifestyle application system. That is a total lie. That is way too much resources to accomplish such a task. No investor can accept that. He is saying this to show us his focus and determination to give the best of scams.

To be a part of the team you don’t have to have been a trader before all you need to do is invest $250 with the company and within no time it will generate a guaranteed profit. One needs to have knowledge of trading otherwise you won’t know what you are doing and before you know it your money is in the hands of the scammer.

He has put together people with testimonies just to show you how others like and benefit from the application. This is to tell you how successful people become but it is one of his many ways to lure you be a member who he will gradually steal from.Dubai lifestyle application system scam will remain to be a scam no matter who he mentions and the reasons he uses. A scam can be seen from miles away and must be avoided at all costs.

Proof that Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam

Check out the CEO Scott Hathaway or should I say the shutterstock image :)

Dubai Lifestyle App

This image is nothing more than a stock image that they stole or bought from ShutterStock

Scott Hathaway Dubai Lifestyle App

The application is only available for a limited time. If it is legitimate it should be available all the time no need to be cut short. If you go on the site it will start the countdown but if you clear your cache and go back again you will see that the timers are all reset. This is just a cheap sales tactic.

No contact information about the company. This is the best way scammers use to avoid leaving a trace. When they steal from you you won’t be able to reach them or complain.

All the logos from the various companies provided on the site cannot be linked back to the companies mentioned. they just use them to try and trick you and make you feel more secure.


Conclusion From Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Cyber scamming is real. You must be on the look out to differentiate legitimate reviews and presentations from illegitimate ones. You don’t want to lose your hard earned money to people just sitting and giving false testimonies and reviews just to have your attention. Take heed and note that Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam rejuvenated.

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