Easy Daily Profits is a dirty Scam by a Voice Over Actor

Easy Daily Profits review exposes the truth about the Easy Daily Profits Scam

We are here once again to differentiate facts from falsehood. One would think that scammers would wish us all a Merry Christmas but guess what? They didn’t because they still have more work to do. One of their latest projects is the Easy Daily Profits scheme. The Easy Daily Profits is introduced to us by an alleged CEO who has since become a multi millionaire thanks to the Easy Daily Profits system. First of all we would like to say sorry to those who have already fallen for this trap. As for those who are still contemplating the idea, we are here to inform you with fact after fact. Do not dare throw away your hard earned money.

CEO: Dean Westhorpe

Official Site: http://easydailyprofits.co/

Results from Easy Daily Profits Review

According to the Easy Daily Profits website. Every trader is able to make $1,000 daily no matter what is going on in the market. This is utter rubbish for anyone who does legit binary options trading. This kind of statement is false. It is true that you can speculate the profits a trader can earn but it is impossible for the profits to be the same regardless of the happenings in the market.  There is no guarantee in trading. Traders are risk takers who expect anything including market shakeups.

Dean seems to be very informative but in the presentation video we learn that he did not develop the software. Actually it was his friend who owed him that gave the beta version to him.  Then he contradicts himself saying that the Easy Daily Profits software was developed by experts who worked on it for years. So which team of experts is this? Seems Dean is taking credit for something he did not do. As if that is not enough these scammers are bold enough to claim they were featured on CNN and the likes of Financial Times.

In the video, Dean tells us that there is no need for trading knowledge once you get to use his software. But this is not actually true. First of all for you to learn the hoops of trading you need to know how the system works for instance when it is favorable to trade. It is such information that sharpens your trading claws and you will be able to earn more.

Now let us go to the testimonials. The photos you see in the testimonial section are actually stock photos retrieved online. These are models who simply posed for the camera, got paid and do not have any clue that their photos are being used to receive money under false pretences. The guys who are giving out testimonials via video are paid actors who will say anything for a buck. Most of them are usually hired from Fiverr. The Facebook posts are also fake as they do not link back to the original sites.

Who is Dean Westhorpe?

Dean Westhorpe does not exist. Yes we searched for him on the biggest search engine of them all and missed him. For a multi millionaire he seems not to pop up anywhere. Even his friend who gave him the software is nowhere to be found. We wish Dean even had an Instagram page which was private but no we found nothing on him. The presentation video is actually a slide show explained by a voice actor. A voice actor who we are supposed to believe is Dean Westhorpe speaking.

Even the photo you see down below the video is one big lie. The real founder of Easy Daily Profits is not known. They have used a model’s image to sell their falsehood and siphon money from people.

Is Easy Daily Profits a Scam?

Easy Daily Profits is a well calculated scam. They have employed all the tactics that make up a successful scam and all they need is for as many people as possible to fall for it before these perpetrators go ahead and launch another scheme.

Conclusion from Easy Daily Profits Review

As usual we are not against binary options trading but we are against the lies that scammers tell. The scammers purport to be successful millionaire traders who are now enjoying life after using a magical or life transforming software. But how come these millionaires are not known? They do not exist and if they do they are actors who shift from one scam to another. The same is with Easy Daily Profits. It is not a legit system and it would be wise for you not to conduct any business with them.

Verdict: Easy Daily Profits is a scam you should avoid just like The Royce Code, Obcasio and One Touch Trade

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.


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