Electoral Profits is another SCAM Using the US Elections

Electoral Profits Review exposes the Truth about the Electoral Profits Scam

Electoral Profits is the most recent auto-trading app in the binary options market.  Allegedly, this software will be making good money for its users throughout the  election period and in the future. This is the brainchild of Daniel Walters, who claims to have spent years developing this software, using the high-end engineers to make the best auto-trading robot in the industry. However, this is another scam, apparently targeting innocent traders’ money. We decided to take a deep dive into the details of this scam to reveal its untold side to online traders.

CEO: Daniel Walters
Official Site: electoralprofits.com

Results from Electoral Profits Review

The first and most fishy thing about this software is its ability to assure traders uncompromising returns despite any changes in factors that affect financial markets. The name itself suggests this in every sense, with the owner claiming that this software will make an outstanding $120.374 during this election. Mr Daniels even swears to give $10, 000 to any trader who will not attain the said target. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg, because the same software is “capable” of making steady profits of at least $6500, every single day. Remember, this is said to be applicable to novice traders as well as newbie, which cannot be the case in real sense.


Secondly, the owner of this software gives us unrealistic statements about its accuracy. At first, he describes it as a “risk free” auto-trading app, and quoting in another instance that the pros used in developing it are good enough to guarantee eight wins out of ten trades. He also adds another claim that his software has been tested and proven to bring traders 500% autopilot returns day in day out. Besides being contradictory, these statements sound baseless and unreliable.


Here comes the most unrealistic thing about this software. Well, it may be automated to trade on the users’ behalf and all other lies it is sugarcoated with, but the owner goes on to claim that it can actually offer such amazing results 24/7. Now, this is a big lie, since binary trades are done only on weekdays and close over the weekends. So how is it possible that Daniel’s software trades throughout the week? What’s more, throughout his lengthy meaningless video, this scammer forgets to talk about how his software works and fails to prove to users why they should use it and not others in the market.

The other suspicious thing about this software is the testimonials brought on board to support the claims about its amazing trading power. These happen to be testimonials from paid actors for hire from an online marketplace called Fiverr.com. Additionally, this scam also features fake testimonials by use of stock photos, which adds to its already questionable credibility. These testimonials raise more questions about whether this is really a reliable software, since a legit one would have real people testify about its achievements. Why pay people to give testimonials about a system you are sure works.


Who is Daniel Walters?

The self-proclaimed owner and CEO of this company does not show his face anywhere throughout his lengthy marketing video. Instead, he runs a narration video, which is an indication enough that he has something to hide from his target viewers. Despite claiming to be proud of his system, which he allegedly put a lot of effort and time in developing, he cannot stand strong and explain to the users how they are to benefit, or how to use it.

Is Electoral profits a Scam?

Yes, this is a scam. From the lies and unrealistic profits figured associated with this software, the false promises and exaggerated accuracy, we can say that this software is not real at all, or worse, it does not exist in the first place.

Conclusion from Electoral Profits Review

We have seen quite a good number of scammers pop up every now and then with weird tricks to win traders and get away with their money. The sad truth is that this is another fraud aimed at getting traders into a loop. This is a scam that is bugging online users with emails, but we would advice that if you come across it just ignore it and move on. We have found out that this is nothing like a deal that can benefit you, it is actually a ploy orchestrated by some bogus scammer out there to rob you of your hard-earned money.

Verdict: Electoral Profits is a scam trying to steal your money using the US election as the hook

Don’t ever get fooled by any of the scams and always do your research before joining any of them. I always keep my Trusted System List updated with what is currently working for me. If you ever need any help just let me know.

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