Electroneum Updates – Mining, Wallets and Common Questions

This post is going to be my central store for everything to do with Electroneum which is an ICO that I got involved with a few weeks ago now.

Electroneum ICO Summary

The Electroneum ICO was a way way bigger than Richard Ells the CEO of Electroneum or anyone else thought it would be which is great for the mass adoption of the currency but it also brings alot of problems as well. Electroneum put in an affiliate commission for referring people into the ICO which got picked up by alot of affiliates and it just spread like wildfire everywhere. This brought alot of people into Electroneum that have never been involved in cryptocurrency before which again is good and bad.

Its great that new people are getting involved but for people who haven’t been around this industry for a while they don’t fully understand how volitle and the problems that can be incurred on any of these projects and so they understandably get FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Some of them were sold the “this is bigger than Bitcoin” sales line so they were expecting to become millionaire overnight. The truth is yes this project has big potential and with the amount of people that have got involved that gives it an even bigger chance.

Electroneum Updates 22 November 2017

Since the Electroneum ICO closed and they then missed their launch on November 1st the cry’s of Electroneum scam have been everywhere so in this update video I give you all the latest news I have and my thoughts on the Electroneum future.

Yes they missed their launch date but one thing I have to say is Electroneum CEO Richard Ells has been very transparent with updates and doing interviews with anyone that was willing to go to his office which is good to see that he is not hiding away.

Basically their was potential security threats and under the advice of amazon they closed up everyone accounts and back office to secure everyone’s coins and they hired one of the top security firms in the world hackerone to look at their system and see could it be hacked. So far the system has held up and if it continues to hold then they will launch the first or 2nd week of December.

The Electroneum price has been declining but that is to be expected with the fear and I think it will drop alot more once everyone has access to their accounts but I will be holding mine for the longer term.

Electroneum Mobile Wallet Demonstration

In the video below we see Richard Ells do a full walk-through of the mobile wallets and how to send ETN coins from one to the other.

Interview With Electroneum CEO Richard Ells

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Final Thoughts on Electroneum

I think Electroneum definitely has a future and as long as they stay transparent and keep the updates flowing then they should do well.

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