Epic Winner Software Scam even Trades on a Saturday :)

In this review I’m looking at the latest Binary Options system called Epic Winner Software. I’m going to tell you straight up that it is a scam unless their system is so powerful that it can open the markets for them to trade on a Saturday :) <- I’ll explain that further down..

Official Site: epicwinnersoftware.com

First impressions were that they had a nice clean site with a professional sales video. They offer alot of (fake) info on the welcome page to try and convince you that Epic Winner Software is not a Scam but as I went through the site I was able to see through this and will explain further down why Epic Winner Software is a SCAM

What They Promise:

“Software has its own magic

We know that you would love to know how the software works its magic. Absolutely, it is our pleasure to share it with you. We can go on and on about this because we too are as excited as you are. But we will keep it short and simple. For the initial trade, the amount would be set to 6% of the account balance, which in this case is $15. Oh yes, before we move forward, the trading robot analyses 35 minute trades, not the 1 minute ones. You know why because that is gambling. No pattern can be studied or predicted in that short a duration, it would be just wild conjecture. The brokerage firms want you to just gamble away and not make a well-thought out decision. The 35 minute trade, however, is optimal for the trading robot to make a conclusive analysis. Within that time frame it can understand heavy fluctuations and strategies. It actually chooses a highly volatile commodity and then picks the asset to trade on. You should remember that all of this happens automatically and that you cannot interfere manually at all.”  –  epicwinnersoftware.com

Proof EpicWinnerSoftware is a SCAM

In my video review and pictures below I explain exactly why this system is a scam.

Video Review of Epic Winner Software


As I explain in the video above the so called happy customers that are giving testimonials are just fiverr.com actors that charge $5 for a video and they will say anything you want in it. I’m thinking of hiring them to do a video saying that Epic Winner System is a Scam :) Check out the fake fiverr actor below..


EpicWinnerScam Actor


I done my review on a Saturday when the markets are closed but this magic system looks to be taking live trades even on a Saturday which just shows that the live trades chart is a complete fake and is just part of the whole scam

Check out the “LIVE” Results and trades on a Saturday


Conclusion on Epic Winner Software

This system is a big scam and one you need to avoid as it is full of fake info right from the testimonials to the fake live trade chart that was magically trading on a Sat

Verdict: Run a mile from the EPIC Winner Software Scam

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