Fintech Profits review exposes the truth about this Binary Options Scam

Fintech Profits review exposes the truth about the Fintech Profits Scam

The scam industry has another trick on its sleeve and they can’t wait to get you depositing. This time around the scamming project goes by the name Fintech Profits. Everything about the Fintech Profits system is fabricated and there is nothing genuine. Unfortunately there are those who have already fallen prey to these schemers hence the need to reveal the truth. The Fintech Profits review is here to shed light with facts.

CEO: George

Official Site:

Results from Fintech Profits Review

The Fintech Profits auto trading software has allegedly been created by a man who is known as George. There is no second name.Well George tells us in the video that he and his team belong to an elite underground group of traders that is making millions of dollars. They actually decided to make their deal public so that they can earn ten times more. He says that you will be making at least $550 daily using their software. If this does not happen then he is more than willing to give you $1,100.

For those who have been reading our reviews, it should not come as a surprise when you hear that Fintech is a recycled scam. Before the scammers invented the name Fintech, they went by Daily Income Society. How did we establish this? Well the Fintech Profits review crew has an eye for details. Look at the Daily Income Society and Fintech Profits photos and you will notice a similar background and most of all George doing what he does best; being a scam actor.

Aren’t we all getting tired of old tricks. Using actors to give fake testimonials the Fintech Profits video has many of them including Brian Zain the teacher. One is left to wonder which school principal would employ a liar for a teacher. That would reflect badly on the school pupils and school values. We have a woman talking big of how the Fintech Profits system has changed her life. Well it seems she got another gig because in another scam known as Charity Profits, the same woman goes by the name Megan Sanders. We were left wondering how come the Millionaire CEO of Charity Profits came to seek financial refuge in another scam.

George is a clever guy and knows how to do monkey business. He does not go about telling you that you will make $2,000 per days. He makes it all reasonable and gives you a digit that is closer home and believable. In the video he claims that traders using their software will be able to make $550 daily . If that does not happen then simply send him a message and $1,100 will be transferred to your bank account. Questions is, he has no sir name or address, how will you claim your money back.

George goes on to claim that Fintech Profits system made more than $22 million in 2016 and in January 2015 the 100 people who signed up with the system made an average of $207,000 that same year. How this happened we do not know since the site was created on November 12 2016. George should really know his lies are really not helping his case.

Who is George No second name?

George is the alleged developer and CEO of Fintech Profits. He also does not have a second name. He is an actor who has been hired to float the agenda of web scammers. He definitely is trying to do a superb job but unfortunately using the same set to lie twice does not seem to be doing the trick. If he was indeed the CEO of Daily Income Society then he should be able to afford a new set or maybe it’s just a matter of thinking readers are not smart.

Is Fintech Profits a Scam?

Yes indeed. Fintech Profits is a scam and for the purposes of emphasis it is recycled. The Fintech Profits review investigated and unearthed the truth for our readers to make an informed decision when making investment choices.

Conclusion from Fintech Profits Review

The scamming industry is huge online hence the need to read reviews that watch out for you. Do not be scared to invest in binary options , we are here to keep watch because as much as the bad guys are becoming populous, the devil is always in the details. Everything about Fintech profits is acted and fabricated hence the need to avoid any association.

Verdict: Fintech Profits is an underground scam plan meant to defraud.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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