First Class Profits is a SCAM! Proof Here

First Class Profits is a scam! Make sure you Read my honest first class profit review regarding this fake software! I hate to see you lose your hard earned money to scammers so I take time to investigate as many of these scammers as I can.

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First Impressions

The site is owned and developed by Mike Taylor, who claimed to have previously worked for a company as a trader generating millions for them each month, while he was only receiving a measly salary. He then decided it was his time and quit his job to develop this trading software with an old collage buddy of his. Mike tells us his story on how he was so poor with nothing in his account, living off credit cards and help from other. However due to the success of this first class profit software, his life and everything all around him has changed. First Class Profits is designed to be a-push button software, every trader only needs to check on their profits, as it is fully automated and needs no further action. The app trades on any currency depending on your choice. The trades are placed according to the algorithm designed by Mike based on his 18 years of trading experience. In fact, he even said, he promises you that if you do not make your money back within some days, he will personally wire you with $25,000.

First Class Profits Scam Video Review

The Truth About First Class Profits

After watching the presentation video of the First Class profit scam. We have see a familiar fiverr actor presenting himself as the creator of this “Life changing software”. During the investigation, we were able to deduce that in the whole video, there is no intelligent information about how first class profit is working or on what it is really based on. Instead of trying to go straight to the point on his first class profit service, Mike Taylor decided to throw at us some fake testimonials and screenshots plus some very obvious internet stolen pictures of luxury mansions. The member testimonials involved with the first class profits scam, are all liars and made from paid actors. All six actors are from as usual, but we have notice the two most consistent actors, one is Banjoman, which is involved in many other similar binary options scams, and generate-cash-biz also involved in many other scam services.

Here are the 2 fiverr actors profiles and

Even if you are not yet convinced of the first class profit scam, you can check out the links below and see do you recognize the faces as the “real people” that are first class profit students. You will see them in the links, and, Okay let’s continue breaking down the First Class Profits scam! There are more fake members on the second page if you scroll down. Guess what? More fake stuff surrounding the first class profit app. With quick research we found that pictures belong to other persons (Amanda Barry:, (Lai Wei: As we can all see the pictures of those “real” first class profits members are used in different websites with completely different names, and if you do more research, you will surely find them on other websites too. First Class Profits will get you rich? And if not Mike Tylor will wire you 25,000USD? Does that sound realistic? Nope, this is just a selling trick. The only thing that will happen for sure is that you would kiss your hard earned money goodbye if you sign with first class profit scam. Generating profits of $3000 per day from initial deposit of $250 is unrealistic. In binary options, Average return rate is 75%, so how on earth can that profit be possible.

Conclusion of my First Class Profit Review

Let’s make an overview of everything written about the first class profit scam. Mike Taylor claims that his product can generate over 3k per day but the statement is not supported with any meaningful facts. We could find only non-existing personalities and fake actors on I hope that the evidence I exposed here is enough to convince you that First Class Profits is nothing but another scam! I advise you to stay away from this first class profit software. Thank you for reading my review. I am here to protect you.

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