Forex Maverick Software is a Scam Auto Trader by Frederick King

Forex Maverick review exposes the truth about the Forex Maverick Scam

You all know that it is important to listen to your elders. In fact older people are deemed to be wiser hence the reason we run to them for advice. The Forex Maverick scam is stretching its wings and it is doing so by using an older man to do the dirty work for them. The alleged owner of the Forex Maverick system is Frederick King. in the presentation video he acts warm and charming but truth be told this is just the tip of an iceberg. This is an objective Forex Maverick review that will help you see what is actually going on.

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Results from Forex Maverick Review

The makers of the Forex Maverick system offer you the chance of a lifetime. In fact you are told that you do not need to pay anything. You simply need to sign up and start making money. According to Fredrick traders can make over $100,000 with his software. The minimum amount you can make per day is $5,000 and all that money is made from depositing a “merger” amount of $250. It is impossible to make $5,000 daily even with an automatic binary trading system. And it is certainly not true that you can make such an amount from $250.

Does Fredrick give us a sneak preview as to how the software works? No he doesn’t but he never ceases telling us the colossal amount of money traders stand to earn using his platform. We are told that this software continues trading no matter the market situation. Well one can only wonder how all knowing this software is to the point it does well when the markets are not performing. You see if the markets are not doing well there is nothing that can really be done unless the aspects affecting it change. So this wonder working trading software is a lie. It is all a hoax especially when they show Fredrick and Mari leaving for lunch and coming back to find the software worked without them.

What about the testimonials, surely there must be  some sort of truth in them? Charles Newman tells us that he has been able to make $123,268.22. This is after signing up for Fredrick’s software 12 months ago. We checked up on and found out the site was registered on February 2017. Fredrick and his team are upto some dirty business hence the blatant lies.

The Forex Maverick system shares the typical features or should we say lies that scammers use to lure unsuspecting people to register with rogue brokers. Dealing with such brokers means that there is no guarantee and they are accountable to no one. The trap is set by offering heaven on earth but never delivering.

It is so unfortunate that there are those who have already downloaded the software. There are those who after downloading saw the list of unregulated brokers hence raising the alarm. The facts that Frederick states do not hold any water.

Who is Frederick King?

Frederick King is the alleged founder and CEO of Maverick Software. Now it should be noted that the old man you see in the video presentation is an actor. This is because Forex Maverick is a white elephant project. Frederick King does not exist and this fact was established after a search on the internet. You may ask what about the headlines on the site? Well there is nothing that a photoshop expert cannot do. Yes even the articles you see on the site are falsified.

Is Forex Maverick a Scam?

Yes Forex Maverick is indeed a scam. They have done nothing different and instead followed the very script that all scammers follow. Fake CEO, fake testimonials and fake demonstrations. You can make money via binary options but not the way Forex Maverick scammers put it. Other recent scams to avoid – Fintech Profits, Guaranteed money System and CFD Society

Conclusion from Forex Maverick Review

The Forex Maverick app is nothing but a scam setup and those who invest in it will definitely lose their money. With everything fabricated there is nothing left standing; even the profits are a work of fiction. Even the law would not protect since you are dealing with a non existent entity. The only way to be safe is to not associate with Forex Maverick nor its email marketers in any way.

Verdict: The Forex Maverick software is a scam trading bot out to con you. Be warned

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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