FREE Cryptocurrency ICO Tracker

I get alot of questions on how to track cryptocurrency ICO investments as unlike currencies that have already hit CoinMarketCap you can’t use apps like coinstats or blockfolio.

I have put together an excel document with a sheet for ETH and BTC sheets. On each of them you can input the name of the coin, how much BTC or ETH you spent and how many coins you got, the sheet then works out how much each coin costs in btc/eth and USD based on the current btc/eth value. You can then put in the current value of the coins in eth/btc and it works out how many you need to sell to break-even and then to make set profits

The video below walks though the full workbook and how to use it

Download V1.0 HERE 


If you have any feedback let me know in the comments below and I will try and incorporate it into the next version of the workbook.


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