Freedom Circle Review – Kylie Stanford Scam

Honest review: Freedom Circle by Kylie Stanford is a Freedom circle scam

I want to warn everyone who is reading this, that Freedom Circle  app, a new binary trading software, released by a well known fraudster on the internet , is a scandalous scam responsible for causing financial havoc and nightmare to day traders and investors who have tried it. In this blow by blow review of Freedom Circle and auto trader I have discovered several inconsistencies, misleading claims , outright lies and other mischievous  features to confirm that this binary trading options software is indeed a nightmare scam.

CEO: Kylie Stanford

Scam Proof from my Freedom Circle Review

Upon visiting  freedom circle official page ,I was met with a lame video presentation by a scam  hawker and charlatan who spits all kinds of imaginary tales to draw in new traders and investors into his dirty machinations. You can instantly tell that this guy is stuffed with heartlessness, selflessness and greed and its obvious he wants to skim everyone as much as he can out of his Freedom Circle scam

In his presentation, I couldn’t believe my ears when this stubborn lowlife says that the world is facing a daunting economic and financial crisis and that he is the only one having the single solution to this  problems. I have to say I find this claim so ridiculous since I don’t understand how silly fraudster such as this one can  solve the problems of all people in the world. Arrrrrghhhhh!!!!!

As far as Mr. Stanford`s account is concerned, this fake freedom circle  app is thought to take advantage of a certain loophole that prevails within the Federal reserve to assist people make up to $5k daily. I just do not know why this charlatan  is involving the Federal Reserve in his silly scheme. As you continue to listen to his bogus presentation, you will hear the guy telling us that Freedom Circle app is only available to 12 countries only but the truth is that this scam is available globally contrary to his claims. The claim that this software is FREE is a lie because if you intend to use it you will have to deposit at least $250 which you will never get back and your trading account will be instantly locked the moment you fund it

The other issue that I have with Freedom Circle concerns the extensive employment of scarcity tactics which are all intended to force to quickly sign up without a second thought. Don’t be fooled for a moment that, over 300 people have signed up in just 30 seconds and that those positions are running out .That’s just a con trick!

Now lets turn our attention to this Kylie Stanford guy, the alleged owner of Freedom Circle. He claims in the presentation that he is an ex- professor but he deliberately fails to mention the colleges he has been involved in. Sadly I could not locate any details about him relating to his career and profession. The only details around him relate to reviews of Freedom Circle .My question is how come no one is talking about his track record? I can only presume that he is a lousy actor hired to execute this scandalous presentation. On top of that  the whole freedom circle presentation is slapped with fabricated reviews and testimonials to help execute their evil scheme. All these reviews and testimonials were all fabricated  since I was not able to find details of these people who gave out these testimonials. As you will observe all these testimonials were given   by people who have no clickable social media profiles confirming that this testimonials were all fabricated using cheap software.

Kyle Stanford is just an image that was bought from Shutter Stock

Freedom Circle

I have to mention that the Freedom Circle presentation and website features poorly paid actors form Fiverr; a place where you can hire anyone to do anything for a meager $5.And I have no doubt that’s where the sourced these reviews from. I have to say all these reviews are pretty suspicious right until they prove me otherwise

My conclusion that Freedom Circle is a scam

Its pretty obvious that Freedom Circle despite its social cause orientations, is a scam of the highest proportion and therefore should be avoided by anyone who is reading this. Right from deployment of fake widgets and time counters, a fake ex professor, fiverr actors and ambiguous claims and silly statements, Freedom Circle is a scam that ought to be discarded to the grave yard

Verdict: Freedom Circle by Kyle Stanford is  a Freedom circle scam

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