FX Sniper Review Exposes Simon Reed FX Scam

FX Sniper review exposes the truth about the FX Sniper Scam

FX Sniper trading system is the new kid in the scam block. Its owners claim that this trading app will give you all the tools and features that you need to make good money. The alleged CEO and Founder of FX Sniper Investments Limited a Mr. Simon Reed claims that his is the best trading app launched in the recent times. In fact we are told that he is in the Forbes magazine as one of the top 300 billionaires globally. What is more? We are told that he was a former CEO of New York Stock Exchange. As usual we go beyond the surface to dig up the truth therefore read the FX Sniper review and see how the facts make the falsehoods dissolve.

CEO: Simon Reed
Official Site: fxsniper.co/lp2.php

Results from FX Sniper Review

The developers of FX Sniper trading app claim that this is a legitimate software for all those who are starting out in binary options. In fact they go as far as claiming that you can make an average of $1000 to $3,600 per day and it is all for free. There is nothing for free here. You will have to part with a minimal amount of $250 in order to start trading. It should also be known that it is impossible to make $1,000 daily from $250.

The developers claim that the Sniper app works 100% on auto pilot. You simply need to open an account, the Sniper sniffs out the top traders around the world then copies their trades for you and you get to enjoy the profits that they too earn. In fact all you need to do is sit down and relax. The problem is that this is the kind of sales tactic used by all scammers; you will make money by doing a lot of nothing. Newbies be warned, if you are not trained you are doomed to fail and never get back your money.

We are also told that the FX Sniper software has so far been the best trading app since it has had more than 1400 trades that are successful. They only experienced a single loss all that time. So in short they are telling us the accuracy of this software could be between 98% and 99%. This is hocus pocus since there are no such accuracy levels even with auto mode.

Reed says that his software makes use of data that is decades old in fact humans cannot analyze such, we wonder how he came to that conclusion then. It is so funny to note that Reed thinks we do not recall him from another scam by the name Profitball

Who is Simon Reed?

Simon Reed is a small time actor who is trying to make a living. Actually the truth is that he is a character in a script and the person calling himself an CEO is simply an actor trying to perform a satisfactory gig by lying to the camera. Would you invest in a software that does not exist?  Would you work with a CEO who has never been mentioned or featured in Forbes yet claims that they are well known billionaire? It is mentioned that he is a former CEO of the New York Stock exchange. We searched for this information but none of it came up. Ladies and gentlemen, do smell the coffee please.

Is FX Sniper a Scam?

Yes the FX Sniper is a scam. First and foremost the CEO is a big joke. He is the guy who also got hired by the same scammers who brought the Profitball app. How can one person have two different identities? A genuine company does not need to employ actors to tell lies nor do they need two names. Reed says you will never have to worry about your finances again yet he is worried about your finances since he pays bills via scam acting. His career is dependent on your being gullible. Other scams to avoid Omni App and Guaranteed Money.

Conclusion from FX Sniper Review

If you are considering binary options as a form of investment tread very carefully. Do not in any way indulge the scammers behind the FX Sniper. They will take your money once you deposit it and you will never see it again. As for the brokers there is no such thing as they are using the good ones. These guys come with a full package of actors and falsified information plus rogue brokers.

Verdict: FX Sniper is a scam that will only lose your money so avoid it.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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