Gemini 2 Review Exposes Gemini 2 as a SCAM!

Gemini Review exposes the truth about the Gemini 2 Scam

Gemini 2 is an auto trading software marketed via email by its alleged owners. This system is a scam and was specifically crafted to siphon your hard earned money. The alleged CEO together with the fake testimonials are all hired to endorse the scam software. Don’t be fooled by the Lamborghini the actor is using, it is a hired vehicle. Neither should you believe that the application works, it is all staged to lure you to deposit your money which will vanish as soon as you start trading with the fraudulent application.

CEO: Brandon Lewis
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Results from Gemini 2 Review

Gemini 2 system is a scam and through my thorough review the world is going to take note. All that goes on in the video presentation is staged and must not be considered as a real thing. In the video we witness the father of fakes, Brandon Lewis, trying his best to convince you the viewer to consider him legitimate and a good option to trade with. Don’t consider his proposals neither should you open any of the emails you get from him and you should unsubscribe from anyone sending you mails advertising this scam.

Brandon Lewis Gemini 2

Brandon Lewis the alleged CEO is falsely claiming that he is looking for 50 new random beta testers to join his 2016 group while waiting for the release of the final version in 2018. These are empty promises and should not be taken seriously. He is saying this with the aim of convincing you to be just a statistic. He wants to extort money from you and benefit himself and the cyber criminals behind the scenes. This is a money making scheme. How come he is recruiting 50 beta testers for 2016 and he has not yet launched the final version. This means that he is a big liar using big words and quotations to lure you to deposit your money with the scam system software.

Brandon is claiming that his company, Gemini Holdings has been using the software to make between $10,000 and $50,000 per day for the past 3 years. All these years the software never lost any trade! This is a fat lie. It is impossible to work for 3 years without making a single lose. In addition, from the online domain checker we find that the website of this fake holding company was created in May 2016. We note that the actor has no foundation on any of his words. He is reading a script meant to convince you to trade with their fake software. Don’t be fooled by his obvious lies.

As you will have seen in my video review above the results they show us in the main presentation are completely manipulated. They even done a really poor job of manipulating the results putting a crazy low price on the EUR/ USD which that currency pair has never hit or even came close to hitting. By manipulating the results like this is the only way that the Gemini App is going to give 100% ITM results.

During the video presentation, Brandon just feeds us with mere lies. We are told that the Gemini 2 Software is an automated trading tool and can predict 100% winning trade without making any loss. He is also saying that the application is up and running all week round. No binary trading option software can make a 100% win prediction, not even the top traders in the world can do this. Experts in the field of binary trading option can attest to this. Also in reality stock markets only run from Monday to Friday. Brandon claiming that his application runs all week is just not real, in fact he is exaggerating way too much. He is using lies as his tool of marketing. This is enough to tell you that he will use lies to manipulate your money after depositing it in the application.

Brandon goes on and gives another fat lie by saying that the application can make up to $12,000 in a day from an initial deposit of $250. To say the truth, nowhere in the archives of media houses there is this record. Why? Because it is impossible.

The alleged CEO highly talks of how this application has been on the papers, to be precise the New York Times. From the excerpt, it is clear that it is a Photoshoped excerpt. We can’t also find any business news concerning the application from the New York Times. He cooked the news to convince you to give him your money. Don’t, he will vanish with it.

Gemini 2 Scam

In the video, Brandon goes to the streets and tries to talk to the first person whom we believe is a part of their act and refuses to talk to him. This is all planned. He gets lucky and talks to the man whom he finally convinces to use the app and made a profit of $1000 in 2 minutes. The man Brandon is talking to is hired too, just like him. He is a fake endorser hired to convince you that the application is working and brings results in no time.


Who is CEO Brandon Lewis??

Brandon Lewis Gemini

Lewis is just a common man hired to endorse the scam application. Everything he is using in the video presentation is all paid for, after the video presentation he will return to his normal life of a common man, who knows very little about luxury. During my research I also found this nasty scam blacklisted on the Binary Options Watchdog site.

Conclusion from Gemini 2 Review

From my detailed review I expose the lies from the Gemini scam software. I am adding this application to my Scam List and ask our readers to stay away from Gemini 2 Software System. It was crafted with the intention of stealing your money and not make you any. Keep your money and be safe.

Verdict: Gemini 2 review summarizes that this is a scam so keep off

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