Global Millionaires Club is a Dirty Scam!

In this review I’m exposing a new scam call Global Millionaire Club. Maybe I should say UK Millionaires club or US Millionaires club as these scammers go under a few names. They use geo targeting to see where in the world you are and then send you to either the UK or US sites to try and convince you to join.

Official Site –

If you end up on anything but the UK or US sites let me know in the comments below.

UK Millionaires Club


US Millionaires Club

Video Proof that Global Millionaires Club is a Scam


As you will have seen in the video Alexander Wilson is nothing but a stock image so the scams that he is a Professor of Statistics and honorary Professor of Mathematics I’ve had over 100 published research articles is pure BS

Alexander Wilson Stock Photo


Global Millionaires club is just another big scam who try and be clever by sending you to a more local site in the UK or US to try and convince you to join but you should avoid them and their fake stock Alexander Wilson photo.

Verdict: Stay away from Global Millionaires Club

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