Hidden Mystery Behind Gold Trade Microsystem Scam

Gold Trade Microsystem (GTM) is a fairly new binary options application that claims big and assures a lot in terms of returns. The new binary options robot was created by Professor Justin Hudson, who claims to be a Cambridge professor. The system mainly trades in the commodity asset Gold and claims to deliver 87.5% accuracy, but does it really work?

Official Site: goldtrademicrosystem.com
CEO: Professor Justin Hudson

First Impressions from My Gold Trade Microsystem Review

Honestly speaking, the first time I landed on the system’s official site, I was quite mesmerized by the good looks of the site. However, my enthusiasm faded almost immediately the moment I  noted some very troubling facts with their system. These were the first tell tale signs that Gold Trade Microsystem is a scam. The founder of the service claims that the system trades in one of the most dependable commodities, Gold. I faked out a registration and when I landed on the system’s platform, I couldn’t help notice that the last signals on the announcement bar at the bottom were all currency trades and there was not even one Gold trade for close to 30 minutes. The site also contains some rather bold statements on the incredibly huge sums of money you can make within an unbelievably short period of time and with a surprisingly small investment.  Additionally, the site contains numerous positive testimonials and comments at the bottom of the page, but I was surprised to find that all these video and written testimonials can’t be substantiated using any reliable proof, which further reinforces my suspicion that Gold Trade Microsystem is a scam.

What the Gold Trade Microsystem Promises

 The Gold Trade Microsystem system  is being touted as a comprehensive trading tool designed to operate entirely on autopilot mode. According to the system’s developers, GTM was developed in order to provide ordinary individuals with an opportunity to get into the lucrative precious metals market. The system was allegedly developed by Professor Hudson in conjunction with his team of experts. The core founder claims that he has been in the gold trading industry for twenty years and he boasts of being able to comprehend anything that can influence the price of gold.

One of the co-founders of the Gold Trade Microsystem system  claims that he is responsible for coming up with a flawless mathematical formula that can automatically compute the price of gold for binary options trades in global markets. Apparently, the founders have been working on the covert formula for the system for months and were able to create an automated trading software  that can automatically and accurately figure out the prices of any assets in precious metals markets. The team was initially offering the application for free to the first fifty applicants in order to get more proof of the trading results. Once they get the proof, the system will be sold for $1,999.

 My Findings that Show the Gold Trade Microsystem is a Scam

There are several issues that I find disturbing with the GTM service, which confirms my doubts that the Gold Trade Microsystem is a scam. For starters, I find it hard to believe that the system can turn an investment of $250 USD to $30,000 or more. With my experience and knowledge of dubious operations online, I can tell that this is a lie. Such kinds of achievements often require some considerable time and commitment. Even if this statement might be true, it is highly unlikely to occur in such a short period as they are claiming on the official website of the GTM website. Another unsettling issue that confirmed my suspicions that Gold Trade Microsystem is a scam is the fact that the testimonials are created by paid actors from fiverr. Sincerely speaking, those testimonials cannot be considered to be credible. Additionally, the guy claiming to be Professor Hudson is also another paid actor. This begs me to question whether Gold Trade Microsystem is legitimate if the alleged founder is a fake.

Gold Trade Microsystem

My Verdict   on the Gold Trade Microsystem

Based on my observation and experience with binary options trading platforms, the Gold Trade Microsystem platform is a scam. It bears all the characteristics of binary signals scams, regardless of how attractive the developers of the system have attempted to make the site look awesome and legit.

Verdict: Gold Trade Microsystem is a Scam full of Fiverr actors

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