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Today I write my GPS Trader Review. Presented by Richard Heffner, the alleged CEO of GPS Trader system is yet another binary auto trader to hit the market this year. Based on GPS satellite technology, this piece of crap software promises to make users around $850 hourly, $20k daily risk free. Unfortunately in my review I have discovered that GPS Trader is nothing but a waste of space and scandalous scam intended to steal your money

Ceo: Richard Heffner

Promoted as some sort of GPS tracking  app to gather financial data in milliseconds before it hits the Wall Street super computers, this crap software is claimed to exploit this window to deliver trading signals for its users. My question is, is this even possible? Can this system really spit $20,000 a day as the founder claims? That’s a big NO. My blow by blow account reveals several inconsistencies and misleading information and facts to confirm that GPS system is one system you don’t want to be associated with

My proof that GPS trader is a scam

My very first suspicion concerns Richard Heffner. After listening to his presentation, I found it interesting to check more about him on the internet. I would expect a guy who has made 19 people millionaires in just a matter of weeks to have some form of contact and information about him freely available. Unfortunately a quick check on the internet reveals nothing except reviews on his fake GPS trading app. Likewise his bold claims that he previously worked for Garmin Limited as a system analyst is false as there is no proof supporting his working history, involvements with the said company and even his identity. This confirms my worst fears that Richard Heffner is a made up character hired to execute this evil and dark scheme

His outrageous claims that today is last day to sign up for his system and the assertion that he is only accepting 20 more people (10 spots have  been claimed already) is a desperate attempt to trick you to sign up without rational thinking. The truth of the matter is that this system has been around for 6 days now and is being heavily promoted to reach as many people as possible. Don’t fall for this trick!!!??

In his presentation Richard has the audacity to show us fake live trading which grows his balance from $50 to $88.However the trade and the balance are fabricated .I have to warn that this is a very dirty and dangerous trick employed by many similar scams where they show you dummy trades and earnings. Closely have a look at the top right corner and you will notice after the dummy trade, you will be quickly taken to the deposit page where you can see that your actual balance is zero.

The claim that his system will make you an average of $850 hourly, daily, $20k a day is completely false and pure bullshit. If you were to earn $20k daily, you would need to trade a total of twenty three hours nonstop. This is something that is truly unfeasible, since the binary market is not open 23 hrs daily. As you can see Richard is just rumbling numbers to attract your intention. The numbers are clear and speak for themselves.GPS Trader system is a con job. Sadly even the software that is suppose to make you $20,000 daily is a deadly clone of two other scam softwares responsible for stealing money, namely Insured Outcome and Cloud Trader.

One final thing that sends this filthy app to the gallows concerns the fake Facebook testimonials and feedback slapped on the bottom of GPS trader website. If you closely look at them, all individuals plus the live feed are fabricated! Indeed if this feed was real, if you click on any user`s name it should lead you straight in the user`s Facebook profile. This integration is not functioning clearly confirming that all these testimonials are fake.

GPS Trader Fake Testimonials

My conclusion On My GPS trader Review

From whichever angle you look at GPS Trader software and Auto trader it looks very suspicious. The software does not win any trust with their misleading and over promising statements. In addition I find it very unethical to slap their website with fake and fabricated testimonials. For all purposes and intents, you should keep off this scummy and scam software.

Verdict: GPS trader Review by Richard Heffner is a lousy scam

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