Grand Prix Cash Genuine Review: Lousy Scam Revealed!!!

Grand Prix Cash is a binary options trading application that is new to the market. The system is presented by some guy named Bill Evans. The new system claims it can help you make money in binary trading fast. According to the guy presenting the system, you can make up to 6 figures by investing a mere $250 USD in a record speed of time. While this system has been designed to be seemingly lucrative, I can’t believe anything I hear about binary trading profits nowadays. I sought to dig deeper into the new system to establish if the Grand Prix Cash system is a scam.

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CEO: Bill Evans

First Impressions from My Grand Prix Cash Review

When I first visited the original site that is hosting the system, I was not impressed at all by the site and I couldn’t help but suspect that Grand Prix Cash is a scam. The site does not offer anything exciting and it is set up like most sites operating binary options scams that I have reviewed in the past.

On the first page, there is the usual video presentation by a guy introducing the scam; in this case it is Bill Evans, who apparently also works as a mechanic. When you listen to what he is saying in the video, it is the same old claims you will find on other binary options scam sites. In the video, the guy tries so hard to convince us that a trader can easily achieve immense success in binary trading without any expertise or experience in the field, which is hardly believable in binary trading.

The video then continues to present testimonials, which is a common thing with virtually all binary trading scams. However, the testimonials don’t offer any real or valuable information. The presenters, who are mostly paid actors, only brag about how they have managed to make loads of cash with the system

What the Grand Prix Cash Promises

There are numerous ridiculous claims and promises that will show that Grand Prix Cash is a scam. For starters, the guy who is presenting the application claims that you don’t need any expertise or experience in order to trade with the system. He claims that with an investment of just $250 USD you can earn up to six figure income through the system. We all know that this is a lie because although online financial markets are lucrative, the potential overall profits will often be determined by the investor’s budget and his/her money management strategy.

Don’t believe in these ludicrous claims!!!!!

One of the most retarded claims I have ever heard in binary trading scams is from the Grand Prix Cash system. They claim that once you sign up with the service and earn $200K, you will receive a free 1-week vacation to the German Grand Prix in July. Now this sounds like a very stupid offer to me. You should ask yourself why anyone would bother to offer you a free vacation while you can generate $200,000 in a matter of weeks. It just doesn’t make sense because you can simply afford it.

My Findings that Show the Grand Prix Cash is a Scam

In my quest to dig up the truth about this application, I found strong evidence to show that Grand Prix Cash is a scam that you should really be weary of. Let us begin with the alleged creator of this dubious system. Is he really a successful day trader or an amazing car mechanic? I dug deeper to establish his identity and found that he is neither a day trader nor a mechanic. The guy is just another actor. In fact, his real job is making such videos. You can actually pay him to promote anything you have in mind and he will gladly deliver what you need.

The testimonials in the video presentations are also presented by people with fake identities. In fact, they are all from the same stock as Bill Evans. If you visit and search for “testimonials”, you are likely to expose them in a couple of minutes.

The system also claims to be proudly sponsored by Google, Yahoo, Financial Times, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Borse Group and Thomson Reuters. However, it beats logic that none of the so called “sponsors” have written or recommended anything about the Grand Prix Cash system. It is quite obvious that these are just fabricated endorsement badges designed to hoodwink us into believing that Grand Prix Cash is legit.

Conclusion on the Grand Prix Cash System

This lousy service is one of the worst binary trading scams I have yet to come across. The entire service looks like a scam right from the beginning. Its website looks unprofessional and resembles most binary trading scam out there. The service is using fake presenters, fake testimonials and unfunded claims to promote the application, and there is no proof of how they system works to achieve what it claims it is capable of achieving.

My Verdict: Grand Prix Cash System is a Lousy scam. Avoid it by all means!!

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