Greenwood Formula Review – 100% SCAM!

Lets jump into a no holes barred Greenwood Formula Review. Presented by a guy named Jack, an alleged loser millionaire and founder of Greenwood Formula system and auto trading app, Greenwood formula is another get rich system embellished with nothing but deceit, fallacy and other misleading facts that you don’t need a second look to notice. In this undisputable review, I have uncovered damning and undefeatable evidence to confirm that Greenwood Formula is a wretched and doomed scam

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Proof of the Greenwood Formula Scam

Let me start with Jack, a  loser millionaire guy and the alleged owner of Greenwood Formula. Without going deeper, I have to say his face is familiar from other scam software’s such as Profit Maker. His claims that he is a multi-millionaire are illusionary and a pipedream. The guy is a sore actor who gets paid meager wages to execute this presentation on behalf of faceless scammers and cyber criminals. Even worse the testimonials from people who claim to have found success with this dummy app are fake. Interestingly the guy on the right was also present as a programmer in another dangerous scam called The Amisio Formula. Further the picture of one Steve Eartrum who has generated $768,112 in profits is fake and has been stolen from a Parisian Engineer and I am quite sure the rest of the pictures have been stolen from the internet and used without consent and persimmon.

Do you think you will make any money with this trading app and auto a trader? Absolutely not!!.the claims by Jack that his software will generate you at least $100k within thirty days or you will get a quick $10k compensation from his pocket is a bait intended to lure you into his dirty tricks. There is nothing like free lunch.

Greenwood Formula Review

During my investigation of the Greenwood Formula system and scam I landed on something which you may rightfully skip either due to lack of experience of may you aren’t paying a lot of attention and that is day amounts the system is generating which is a solid proof that this bot is not reliable and steady as claimed. When the founder, Jack shows you his account results for the last 5 days, the figures just don’t add up. He begins with $250 and his account moved to over $19,000 daily, then $21,000 after another day till he reached $41,000 in just five days time. Surely if his system was this reliable why is there such a deep fluctuation in results. In day one his account has moved from a measly $250 to over $19k,the next day the result only moves by 2k and by the 5th day the result settles at $41k.I don’t know about you but I just don’t trust such a messy, unpredictable and unreliable trading app

As if this is not even enough, the binary trading software that is supposed to help you generate money is a clone and closely resembles the softwares found in some other stinking scams by the name Money Glitch and Hedge formula which further confirms that the people behind this silly scam are also executing other scams that continue to cause financial ruin to people across the globe.

Conclusion From My Greenwood Formula Review

Greenwood Formula is a textbook example of a lousy and top end scam production filled with irritating popups, repetitions, malicious claims, fake testimonials and unjustifiable promises and hell bent on ripping people off their hard earned money. Unluckily what I’m seeing is a replica of another scams by the name of Perpetual Formula and Binary Interceptor which promised heaven yet delivered untold misery to thousands of unsuspecting people. The thing is Jack the loser millionaire, the pretender, the fake actor as well as his Greenwood formula and auto trader is a confirmed investment scam. You are better safe investing your money elsewhere

Verdict: Greenwood Formula By Jack, The Fake Actor Is A Scam

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